Saturday, May 8, 2010

April Journal Updates ~ Tah Dah!

April just seems so long ago and so full. It takes on the full weight of the ending of Winter snows in addition to the savory teases of Springtime ... and long with that, comes all the awakening. The planning of Spring/Summer art shows, getting the ole garden dead fall removed so that designing this years plot can commence and pacifying the urge to outside in the sun, hiking and relishing flowers. So, rather than journaling, I've been doing all of that.

But I'm wanting to share all that flurry and the results, so, finally, TAH-DAH!

As you already know ... the upper left image of Zanfel tells the tale of my encounter with poison oak. It also personifies the fact that I'm extremely human (note the misspelling of the label on the front, compared to the correct title on the backdrop) ~ ~ don't you love it?!? This mischievious portrait was my favorite from the "Taste of Ashland". It's my peer artist and dear friend, preparing decorations for the evening. And, YES, she really is that mischievous!!

And dancing across the bottom of the full spread page was a thought that tumbled across my mind one afternoon driving home. I was pleasantly hopping from the earliest spring flower that appears in our yard, the Snowdrop, then came the Crocus, next our hycainth, then the Daffodils appear, followed by the Star of Bethlehem and most recently comes the Tulips. So I decided to create a medley of just those lovely blossoms. Aren't they divine? Don't their cheery faces just make you smile?

And so settles in my memories of 2010's month of April. Isn't life full of luscious events, people, and potential? I'm aiming at experiencing as much of it as possible in my life ~ ~ won't you join me?

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Oma3 said...

What a wonderful spread, Elaine... very happy and joyful. It is well known that calligraphers misspell words all the time... it is something about getting into how it looks rather than noticing the spelling.