Sunday, November 23, 2008

Triptych Delivered, New Gallery Begun!

Well, ok, I have a few minutes here and want you
all to know the conclusion of the triptych. I DID finish all three sections and feel pretty happy with all three.

My Patron and I had planned on a place just between the two of our residences, a big lodge right on the Rogue River. When I left home in Jacksonville, the sky was chilly and grey, but when I reached the Applegate Valley, the sun was beaming. I was early and poked about the grounds of the fairly deserted lodge. In the patio area I found a table and carried it out to an appropriate sunny spot. By the time my patron arrived, Cody, my sweet golden retriever, and I were basking in the afternoon sun. I asked her to sit on the rock flower bed and lifted the cover sheet - holding my breath, waiting for her reaction. I was pleased to hear compliments and mention of parts she especially liked (like the big bamboo fence in the middle frame). There was one area that had presented some confusion for her, the reflection in the far right panel where the sand was dark from moisture yet reflected some of the water. I'd fussed with it for awhile, lightening it and exaggerating the reflections before I delivered it. For now, she said she would 'live with it' to see how it settles in. Yet, overall, she seemed pleased and I, relieved. It was a big undertaking - nice to know I can meet the challenge.

One big project done - now - you won't believe this - I've taken on a BIGGER challenge. I was honored to be invited to "sample partnership" in a small gallery in Ashland. The wonderful lady artist, had had her original partner bow out and wanted to continue the gallery. To test out new partners, she inquired with two of us to come try being "guest artists" for October through December.

In the ensuing months, we have ALL decided with a big "yes" for the partnership and have begun paying rent and "all the accompanying accoutrements". We have added another lady, who wanted to rent the small space across from us for her studio, and we have renamed the gallery. After much discussion we are working on the name change to become, (are you ready?), drum roll, "Concetti Fine Arts"! Our tag line will be "Contemporary to Classic" and here's a shot of the new foursome.

And this being Thanksgiving Day ... how can I express the depth of gratitude I have when I look back and the wide spectrum of adventures I have in my life and how I get to struggle with some of them and dance through others ... and that I am "me" enough that I can share them with you all. I know how deeply I value others sharing with me their experiences, so I'm hoping opening up to who I am will help someone too. If I can remember, we are all human, working with and growing through our life processes the best we can.

Today, I am grateful and recommit to focusing on honestly, and loving expressing who I am while honoring who you are too. Namaste'