Thursday, December 26, 2013

Telluride Plein Air ~ Lost Dollar Road, Ridgeway and Tride Alleyways

Next day, September 28th, in Telluride, we rise to slightly smokey skies (from nearby fires) and carve our plans accordingly. Perhaps a relaxed ride down valley will move us away from the smoke and there are some fabulous views to catch too.

As we weave our way out of town we take a right turn up towards the airport, but more lovingly called Lost Dollar Road to me. Past the airport we're pleased to discover the majestic views have been
rescued from condos, leaving a sprinkling of new homes and the ole' ranch buildings I so treasure. This image is of the rugged San Juan Range in the background where Lost Dollar actually winds through and over the mountains coming out just above Ridgeway. But it's a way 4-wheel drive road and we choose to return to the valley and drive the highway en route to Ridgeway.

WOW - has Ridgeway grown from when I once looked at property to buy there! New homes, B&Bs and plenty of new businesses dot the main road and some side streets too. We saunter out of the car and have a tea at a nearby coffee shop and sample the Farmers Market going on in the park. This charming town echos times gone by yet with a new vitality stirring. Here's our view from the park, drinking in the ole' business buildings that surround the town square.

Our evening back in Tride is relatively quiet. I I have the pleasure of helping my friend Hether put together a from-scratch cake to be part of the special Tiramisu dessert for her hubby in a couple of days. I also learned how little comfort I have following recipes - and why I stay out of the kitchen usually! After another test run at another pizza place (Roland seems to be seeking the perfect pizza in Telluride!), we take a new evening walk heading away from town, southward, towards the mine. The town, or maybe the mine company, have done a remarkable job of renovating the area with the "mine tailings", making a modern hike/bike trail along the river where wild flowers bloom and late summer shadows grow long.

Next day we breakfast and find the only thing on the agenda is meandering the streets, or more accurately, the alleys to catch the tucked-away charm of teeny alley homes, rustic collections and exuberant gardens. Oh my camera captured bunches but, I think this back-alley log cabin is MY
favorite. You may not have know my penchant for ole' cars and collectibles ... well, you can see this place has it all (not to mention the log cabin I almost built on one of the Telluride mesa - but that's another story).

The evening took us all into town to peruse what the Plein Air Event has calling, the "Wine Festival Paint Out". Plenty of sweet paintings and as I wandered past the artists, I gathered ever single printed favorite image I could. I pocketed many of them in a black envelope on my journal page but, the most joyful serendipity happened when I placed the two business cards ... right in the midst of the tree shading the Ridgeway Park and saw how they
perfectly camouflaged in the tree branches!

Did I mention how I LOVE journal page surprises!? ... especially when they just "POOF!" present themselves!