Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunflower Surrender

Well, yes, I've surrendered. I've madly been painting and stressing about finishing this "Sunflower Drama" piece I hang this Thursday (yes, only 3 days away) for the Artists' Workshop Show. Just last night I layed out the entire panel and calmly, realistically reasoned - - - I have enough pieces which work together and flow as "a presentation", that I DO NOT HAVE TO FINISH the sunflower piece. And I can still present her for the October "Rogue Valley Manor" Solo Show in a couple of months! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, breathe, breathe!

This decision allows me to address other priorities with pleasure rather than resentment! I'm plotting some advertising strategies for the "Women's Mexico Retreat" and also, preparing the agenda along with packing (you know how it is for most women to pack for a trip?!?) and researching galleries for my upcoming trip to Denver, Colorado - this coming August 27th! I'm attending my South High School's High School Reunion - oh my, it should be an adventure traveling back into one of my previous lives. But that's a whole other story. So exciting things are in process and I'm so glad I decided to "enjoy the process"!

I am pleased with the progress on my lovely Sunflower Girl. Yes, somehow she feels like a "she", strong, yet shy. And don't they say, our creations are holograms of ourselves? Interesting commentary . . . all philosophizing aside . . . it took me awhile to develop the dark values in the sunflower petals, bounced back and forth between using blues for the shadows (but that leaned towards green) and Quinacridone Gold, Carmine and some reddish-blues. The latter won out. So far, I have to admit, the juicy, watery area in the vase has been my favorite "playground". Painting wet into wet and watching the dance of different pigments and their crazy personalities - is one of the absolute joys in watercolor. So that is where I'll return . . . well, after I get details all together for the show and life's other callings.

Oh, yes, remember, we get to choose if we "enjoy the process" . . .

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jacksonville's Wine & Art Festival

My, life is soooooooooooo full of great opportunities and plans - sometimes it's like a fast train ride! The last weeks feel that way yet, it's satisfying when the results seem a success!

This previous weekend, on August 9th, our lil' town of Jacksonville created a new "Jacksonville Wine & Art Festival" - and it came off beautifully! During the previous days our weather had bounced back and forth between 100 degree days OR thick, oppressive smokey air due to the California fires. BUT, that Saturday, the weather goddess blessed us with clear, blue skies and a high temperature of 86 degrees.

The artists began setting up around 10am at the eleven various sites around town. By 12 noon, we were all ready for the public and the venues looked great with a wide diversity of media and expression. People sauntered through town and as the day warmed , were ready for the 2-5pm wine tasting. Long shadows began to stretch across the lawn of the McCulley House where I, Roger Robinson and Leah Fanning Mebane, the two other artists, were set up when the Britt Festival's Classic Quartets, who dotted the town, began to play. It was divine - the evening breeze carrying the music through the air, people gathering with their wine glasses to listen and artists chatting about their artwork!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beffuddled Salvaged

You might remember a week or so ago, I had started a journal entry late at night a painted the image on the wrong page - "Befuddled Entry" in the archives. Well, as most of us who have more years than a teenager usually know, that our mistakes can force growth and creativity. So look-y-here at what grew out of my befuddled mistake.

First, I did a small painting that would fit into the space - and I made a decision to cut the perimeter smaller than the actual "hole" I had remaining. Cuz somewhere, somehow, I felt there was a solution "coming." For days it sat on my studio desk ... just looking up at me.

Then, and this I will have to credit to one of my wonderful "Personal Journaling & Watercolor Sketching" students, Eileen, who'd mentioned having done alot of sewing. And - hey - I'd done lots of sewing years and years ago, but it took Eileen to jog my brain or muse or whoever it is, into sewing the watercolor piece into the gaping "hole". Yes, sew it.

I initially punched holes evenly spaced, with my needle, in the piece I was going to insert. The surgery was more awkward than I'd anticipated and many grumbles and spasms leaked out of the studio than I'd liked.

My biggest challenge was holding the piece floating in the air in it's place, while I attempted to stitch. The piece kept being pulled one direction or the other as I tightened the stitches. And my big bulldog clips I'd used to brace positioning, were so heavy, they bent the paper over as I worked. I ran out of thread about three quarters of the way around and stitched in from the other side, meeting where I'd run out of thread. That way I could do some tightening and evening up of the position - and - well, here's how it finished.

I'm pleased for being a new "surgeon" and when I gazed, puzzled at the empty paper on the back side of my "insert" - I got another idea. I'd wanted to honor this arborist who'd recently come and so lovingly educated and revered our trees - and this little paper island became the perfect lil' spot.

All and all - this "adventure" in journaling has been fun. And you know, this "event in journaling" is much like the "events in my life" . . . if I just trust the guidance will come to me and enjoy the journey . . . life unfolds beautifully. So, here's to remembering to trust the process.