Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Snow, then Show Prepration

My, how times flies . . . another day of snow and we took an early morning hike around town relishing the new snowy perspective of lil' Jacksonville. There is a quietness and freshness that snow renders like nothing else can. We shot photos, played with Cody in the snow and sipped tea on a sun-drenched bench across the street from our favorite coffee shop. Life is delicious!

The remaining evening and next day have been like watching a replay of my own life - but many years earlier. We've been watching and helping some with a dear friend who is having his very first showing of his art. I get to watch exactly HOW I must have appeared when I'd not prepared an art show before. Anxious, unprepared, scattered, uncertain and then, moving between silent and pushy. Towards the end of the hanging today there finally emerged some humor when the artist himself exhibited a lil' playfulness. Now there is time to refine and find things tiny details that weren't quite satisfactory today.

The Friday evening Art Walk will go well, I'm certain, and all the fears will be dispelled with the first sale and many compliments that will ensue.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Four Inches of Snow

The day started with the "spiritual dynamics dance" that reminded me of how blessed I am in my life and how, if we could only see one another through loving eyes, that harmony and peace would be.

On my way home the large, white flakes began swirling down. As I sketched and created this Thanksgiving Day memory in my Journal, the scene outside created a white world with dark trees the only contrast. It was magical - street signs had little hats, twigs enlarged with snow silhouettes and silence was the only companion on our nightly walk.

As our wood stove receives it's last log for the night, I feel very aware, and very grateful . . .

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Saturday to "consider"

This day began with the fulfillment of the 'going to the gym' commitment - boy, the body doesn't feel like it did years ago, after I'd done Jazzercise. So I'm movin' slow and eyeing the drafting table where I paint. Then I read from this online newsletter I receive entitled "Soul Flares" which quoted "Better is one hand full of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind." The writer of this newsletter, Anne O'Shannesy is advocating listening to and tending to the body - so - perhaps I will just read today and call a friend. And just let the wind blow by ...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Journal Video

Hurrah!!!! Barbara has completed our weeks of work, her's - long with taping and editing and learning, me - just trying to act natural when being photographed, videoed and interviewed. So, here are our results. She chose the images and text and I couldn't be happier with the portrayal she depicted of my motives and goals. Enjoy!

Missing Day

Welp, somewhere Thursday disappeared. It did take place tho - I have evidence of it!

Continuing with updating my Journal . . . from the day January 18th, when Roland, Cody & I went for our very first snowshoeing trek, I grabbed a Rogue River reference from photos and "imagined" the rocks in the center of the river.

Then, the playful ev
ening, January 19th, when we went to celebrate a friend's birthday at the Annual Blues Festival. Besides having knees that are still "talking" to me from dancing, my sweetest memory was of this sweet, old gentleman, who never stopped dancing all night AND had a new "cutie" dancing with him with each new song. Another marvelous mentor for living well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beginner Blogger

I've been so inspired by other artist blog sites - well, here I go, attempting a new media. As usual, it's, "fear accompanied by excitement"!

Today, I've been working on catching up on my Personal Journal. A semi-habit I insist upon keeping for my own joy and expression. Looking back on the entries just these last few days, I go back to October. The days - bright & crisp, Rogu
e River hiking - colorful, the new vantage point for Mt. Shasta - refreshing. The most recent watercolor I've added is for the Christmas Parade in my lil town of Jacksonville, Oregon. My favorite part of the parade participants was this Miniature Horse. And,of course, the happenings of the evening have been "coded" so I know what really occurred. Another pleasure of having a personal journal.

It's close to time to walk Cody (beloved Golden Retriever) so til tomorrow . . .