Monday, February 25, 2008

Rewarding Revisit

Oh, yes, I have been missing, well, at least from my blog site. Getting ready for a trip to return to the Bay Area, travel time to and fro and the absorbing diversion of a few days seeing dear friends and being in a busy, big city - have gobbled up many days.

But it's been a trip I've been contemplating for, say, over a year. There's been this kind of yearning, questioning, "how much I miss/need to experience this place I'd lived for over 20 years". Well, I got solid experiences and I received solid answers. I truly miss my precious friends - but the connection hasn't been broken with the miles, it's only transformed the dimension. And I learned, I'm no longer need to live in the big city (although I did love the gallery and museum visits). Visits are very satisfying!

Now, I'm home and very pleased to be so. I spent today creating - aawwwwwwwwwwhhh! When I meandered my front yard, I was reminded of the image I'd visioned for the journal entry of February 14th. I felt playful - so searched through my collection of self-created stamps (using large Staedler "Grand" erasures). I found a stamp of a heart containing a human silhouette and "danced" along the border of my page with the stamp, opposite the golden-yellow crocus from my garden. The page surely reflects how that day felt. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Playdate with, none other than myself

Oh, I'm feeling so spunky and creative. I've been doing this ongoing "over-the-mile" creation of projects with two other wonderful artist friends. One of the current projects that has been going for over two years, is 5 x 7 inch individual pieces. We create our piece either, in response to the previous artist's piece or, just as an expression of how we are currently feeling. And then mail the packet off to the next artist for their next 5 x 7 creation.

This particular piece relates where I'm "at" at this particular and responds briefly to the previous piece. I began by watercoloring the winter "Star of Bethlehem" blossoms, cutting out the profile they created with an exacto knife and over-laying their silhouette onto the negative, remaining paper. That paper, which had been painted in bold, abstract colors served as backdrop for collage pieces of newspaper and other texts, as well as some torn images. All collage application was done with diluted Mat Medium. I tied the entire piece with a coral/sand colored ribbon which sported a small Valentine I'd scanned and manipulated. I'm lovin' how spontaneous it was and how effectively it says what I'd wanted. Aren't us artists blessed?!?

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stage Two

I'm plugging along with my Dahlia painting ... she's coming along nicely, I'd say. Had several distractions over the weekend but, this week has given me some quiet hours to paint - my favorite kind. I'm comfortable with the colors but, not satisfied completely with the values. But I've learned to work up the entire image and then, areas will balance themselves and change according to what is next to them. Definitely, an exercise in patience and trusting the process.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bigger Project

I have been missing ... but, I have been progressing with a bigger project. I'm preparing for a show in May with a floral theme - and I'm excited. Looking at reference material of my endless files of flowers has me drooling. How can I select which of these to paint? I love them ALL! Ok, I'm wanting to make these images BIG - well, at least full sheet Watercolor paper (22 x 30 inches). And I'm thinking of "graphic & abstract" rather than "actual portrait", so only a few flowers lend themselves to that visual.

I've chosen a Dinner Plate Dahlia from my neighbor's garden and have designed it to be 21 x 27 inches. Here you can see the 'start' with design sketched and liquid frisquet applied to all areas I what to save as 'white'. I've determined a few glowing yellow areas and dropped in some color to remind me to keep them 'pure'. Which means not to pollute with pigments that would dull the yellow. So, you can see I've not been idol.

But, these big paintings also sadden me cuz I have difficulty keeping my journal currant at the same time. So my daily musings will have to store up - and I do shoot photos or make quick sketches of things into my journal, knowing special things I DO want to write/paint about later. For now ... I'm off, so to speak, to bigger, and hopefully wonderful things!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Year's Update

I've been "attached" to my Journal for the last few days . . . one of my favorite part of journaling is when I finish a complete "book". That's when I return back to the beginning and color in the "illuminated letter" that I've carved to begin each entry. I choose color and what to fill in by what will unite the page, add focus or interest. It also gives me the opportunity to go over that whole period of time (May thru December in this particular journal) and relish memories. And even revel in the creations on each page - being excited by the colors, the page design, and of course, by the flood of memories that return with the image and reading of the text.

Also, this exercise serves as a kind of remembering, "I am an artist, I am creative, my work provides an uplifting service to this planet"! I hope you enjoy with me, the fruits of this labor - which - really is play!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Journaling & Friend Flurry

I have finally gotten some work done on my Journal ... this one from the play, "Grapes of Wrath", we saw in November. Using ole' flavor monochromatic, I thought would best depict the feeling of that period. I loved playing in Sepia ... the "drama of darks and lights" the only aim. Somehow the expressions became more powerful with the stark, colorless image.

Intermitenly, we are still assisting with our emerging artist friend in preparation for his first art show tonight. The bio and pricelists are now done and we're encouraging him to look at the remainder of the evening as "play". It's a pleasure watching his excitement and thrill of actually putting himself "out there" at long last. And although the weather isn't promising . . . the warmth of "after show glow" will be present I'm sure. So "break a leg Roger!"