Monday, February 25, 2008

Rewarding Revisit

Oh, yes, I have been missing, well, at least from my blog site. Getting ready for a trip to return to the Bay Area, travel time to and fro and the absorbing diversion of a few days seeing dear friends and being in a busy, big city - have gobbled up many days.

But it's been a trip I've been contemplating for, say, over a year. There's been this kind of yearning, questioning, "how much I miss/need to experience this place I'd lived for over 20 years". Well, I got solid experiences and I received solid answers. I truly miss my precious friends - but the connection hasn't been broken with the miles, it's only transformed the dimension. And I learned, I'm no longer need to live in the big city (although I did love the gallery and museum visits). Visits are very satisfying!

Now, I'm home and very pleased to be so. I spent today creating - aawwwwwwwwwwhhh! When I meandered my front yard, I was reminded of the image I'd visioned for the journal entry of February 14th. I felt playful - so searched through my collection of self-created stamps (using large Staedler "Grand" erasures). I found a stamp of a heart containing a human silhouette and "danced" along the border of my page with the stamp, opposite the golden-yellow crocus from my garden. The page surely reflects how that day felt. Cheers!

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