Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Snow, then Show Prepration

My, how times flies . . . another day of snow and we took an early morning hike around town relishing the new snowy perspective of lil' Jacksonville. There is a quietness and freshness that snow renders like nothing else can. We shot photos, played with Cody in the snow and sipped tea on a sun-drenched bench across the street from our favorite coffee shop. Life is delicious!

The remaining evening and next day have been like watching a replay of my own life - but many years earlier. We've been watching and helping some with a dear friend who is having his very first showing of his art. I get to watch exactly HOW I must have appeared when I'd not prepared an art show before. Anxious, unprepared, scattered, uncertain and then, moving between silent and pushy. Towards the end of the hanging today there finally emerged some humor when the artist himself exhibited a lil' playfulness. Now there is time to refine and find things tiny details that weren't quite satisfactory today.

The Friday evening Art Walk will go well, I'm certain, and all the fears will be dispelled with the first sale and many compliments that will ensue.

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