Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures into "Stitched Window" Journaling

This journal page entry seems to contain some sort of adventure energy. It must have something to do with it being Spring and the re-birth of life and vitality ~ because I'm daring to do things that thrill and surprise me.

I'm testing out a new venue within the Ashland Art Center where they have opened a new gallery in the back part of the building. I'll have my pieces on display on the main floor (will continue with my studio on the second floor too). Along with this venue goes a weekly, 4 hour shift on the "Creator's" register.

The contour drawing that began this entry came from our training session. I was looking to entertain another "stitched window" in my journal, specifically for one of my private student's class. I did the small painting of this "most intriguing artist" at the far right of my contour drawing, cut it out and then cut out a window that echoed a similar shape as my small painted image. To stitch the window together, I'd wanted to use a special yarn I'd just purchased ... it was this nice warm copper color with copper metallic threads woven thru it. I wanted it to express the warmth and camaraderie I felt in the training room but, integrated with my anxious irritability, and flashes of impatience. I felt the metal thread would indicate that. But after I'd gotten the holes punched and attempted to sew with the yarn, I realized I couldn't use it. Too clumpy :( So, on to a thread that could work.

To stitch the page, I had to clip a bulldog clip to my lamp, that gave me access to both sides of the page. I add some french knots (from my previous life as an mad embroider) to mimic her beautiful white hair.

And eventually, tah-dah, I got it all completed. Here's the finished wide view contour drawing the a few added color spots to add intrigue and carry you across the page. Hope it tantalizes!

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