Saturday, May 21, 2011

At Home Garden Planting ~ Finally

Those of you avidly following my trek back home to Oregon from Mexico, I'm sorry, I just have to do a current post of life here in J-ville, Oregon.

Its been a long time coming, seemingly, this thing called "Spring"! We continue to get teased ... one day beautiful like these photos, then the next is "light-a-fire-in-the-wood-burning stove" chilly and grey and wet! For a week we've been aching to get outside and get to our Hanley Farm Garden plot #10 to dig in the dirt. At long last, the day came.

We'd collected all our plants. Some basil, tomatoes, peppers, okra, melon and eggplant with protective marigolds interspersed to fend off bugs! We head out with all our tools and green kids, and arrive at our plot.

One additional thrill at being in the garden is that adjacent to Hanley Farm is another large plot of land where beautiful horses run free. Today, this spirited blond ran up and down the fence, whinnying. At first we thought she was welcoming us. But as time went by, we noticed she was unsettled and looking for someone, anyone at the gate. Later, when all of her friends were being returned to the pasture to join her, she calmed down. She'd just been lonely.

But we get busy, amend the soil and dig lil' holes for the wee, green ones, tucking them into their nice, neat rows. Next we put in the water system, timers and the soaker hoses. We test it out and all seems a "go"! As we clean up, putting tools back into the car and stretching tall, we look around. It just takes our breath away ~ LOOK at the beauty all around us!!

Indeed, it is so grounding to be home and soaking in the freshness of Spring! Hope you get out to remember all the gifts our planet Earth offers us on a daily basis. Now, if we'd only see . . .

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