Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Start of a New Journal Book . . . at Ajijic Art Club

Some of us are frightened with the start of a fresh, new, virgin journal ... oh GRIEF ... it has to be a dynamic start for this first page to the entire journal or I might as well not even begin!!! Right?!? My advice is ... just to start. One of my favorite artists, Judy Morris, begins her travel journals with great research. She'll do a small map of the area, with delicious illustrations around the map of her favorite places. Oh, and did I mention, she'll also select specialized text using a font that is theme specific (Mexican style for a trip to Mazatlan, Southwest for Arizona, etc.)? Goodness, I would LOVE to do that. But, honestly, I just am not that organized, pre-planned or extensive. Now, I don't expect everyone to know this ... this insight has just come over time with my continued journaling. If I want to continue consistently with my journal work ... I need to be realistic with what I will keep up with. And, beginning a new journal has become easier ... I just treat it as another page entry. And so this start to 2011 begins ...

One of the most exciting discoveries while in Ajijic, Mexico was their outrageously active "Ajijic Society for the Arts" group. I became aware of them in the first couple of weeks we were there and dedicated my first Friday's of December and January to attending their 10am meetings. Not only was I impressed with their numerous activities (hey, a bus ride into Guadalajara and having the Mayor of Tonola tour them thru the ceramic artisans was one) but their enthusiasm and inclusion of all media too, was titillating. Every meeting carried the gift of a talk, presentation and/or demo by an artist. HOW delicious ... my lil' creative juices were just oozing!!!

But blessed with my "wandering eye" - not on the opposite sex - but on the wonder of visuals, I couldn't help but be excited by the view across the room. The early morn clear lighting flooded at a slant across the glowing colors in the interior of the room. Dappled patterns danced where the outside leaves created shadows. When I decided to enter this image in my journal, I pondered whether or not to go dark blue with the surrounding room value and color. And I'm still toying with "blue-ing" it - it would possibly be stronger with the compliments butting up against one another, but I like the warmth this color creates in the room. I don't know . . . anyone have an opinion?

At the second ASA meeting, the professional presentation was by a gentleman artist, Frank - - -, (anyone pleeeeeeeeeeaaasssee help with Frank's last name). He's been doing high fire beautiful work all his life and was at ease, even humorous during his demo. I enjoyed the sequence of how the lump of clay, touched by Frank's expertise, was coaxed into a graceful balanced vessel. Of course, I had to remember it in a sketch!

After I'd finished the sketches and text on this journal page . . . I wanted something on that big blank adjacent page and realized a third poinsettia, placed just like it was in the next window sill would be a colorful introduction to the page . . . and into the fresh year "2011". I'm pleased with how it all came together.


Katherine Thomas said...

That is so pretty! You have grown so much over the past months, haven't you? I can see it in your writing and in your beautiful art. You've had a wonderful experience!

. said...

Thats a great start for a new journal (I find it also hard to start a new fresh book... but I like how you started it with the plant). Fo rthe blue you were thinking about, is this the people in the picture? I kind of like it the way it is, light blue, its just suggestion that there is people there, but the space and the light take the main focus.

And your writing is very interesting, and as a bonus, I learned a new word and how "titillating" is that : )

Great work!!!