Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sheer Joy ... People, Teaching & Children ... in Mexico

This full spread page is all about the people experience of being in Mexico. We just found not only the Mexican people, but the ex-pats too, were all of exceptional warmth and caring. These images just portray just a snippet of our experiences there!

While in Mexico, I wanted to find a way to teach and share my beloved watercolor journaling process. Early on I discovered the Lake Chapala Society (LCS) which is a hub of ex-patriot activity including classes, a library, a cafe, extensive garden and plenty of off campus activities too. Of course, I quickly joined the LCS ranks and planned an early January "Watercolor Journaling Class". Advertising at the LCS Center, online and at several local bulletin boards around Ajijic reached a few people.

When I arrived to set up my class there was a lovely young woman and her two beautiful boys playing on my assigned tables. She said they'd move on by the time my class arrived. But on that first day of class, the two women who'd talked of coming, had complications and didn't come. Then, out of the bushes, returns this lovely mom, asking if she could take the class if we could occupy the boys. "Of course!!" I rely. So we start working on drawing and ends up the two boys model for us and do a great job of it. They return for the second class, showing off all the journal work they'd enjoyed in between. Even the boys had gotten into it using paper punches, one of which was tiny little angel shapes! This second class we focused on color theory and the boys brought along their own paints with which to play. When the class comes to a close, they bring me an apple pie treat and bid g'byes because they were leaving town and wouldn't make the third class. I felt like I'd made friends with this wonderful family and adored the precious boys!!

Then, I was all set up for the last class, waiting for students, when, looking amongst the green grass, I spied a perfectly white lil' angel ... it was like my sweet family was there in spirit.

Earlier in the week, New Year's Eve to be exact, we'd been invited by artist friends (a couple I'd met at that Art Club meeting) over to their home for an early dinner or late lunch, depending upon how one viewed it. It was like a "treasure hunt" finding their spot but it was worth the hunt. The six homes arranged in graduated distances apart, three on each side of the central grassy path and turquoise blue pool, so that each had views out onto the lake. Cody was in heaven, since this was the first grass he was freely invited to roll, stretch and lounge upon. Us humans were equally happy, dining on fresh made bread, avocado soup (fresh from the nearby trees) and yummy shrimp salads!! Our friends chattered about their experience moving to Mexico (from Golden, Colorado, my ole' stomping grounds, of all places!!) and livin' in Ajijic. They were generous with their info and their sweet home, really making us feel at home. It was greatly appreciated during these holiday times being away from home.

Over and over again the hospitality and kindnesses paid to us were above generous and really touched our hearts. We found the world really is a small place if one opens ones heart :)


Barbara B said...

What a great story, and your journal pages are so beautiful!

Cathy Holtom said...

Beautiful pages and I love the story of the angel!

Alex said...

Awesome!!!! =) I am just so amazed by all the colors you used on your journal pages.