Monday, December 6, 2010

Journal Sights Entering Mexico

This journal spread, travels us into Mexico. For those of you who've been reading the adventure in photos, previously, I won't repeat myself. Just a little narrative for you to know what the images are about.

As we wander in the 6am light, into Mexico, after about 17 miles we begin to signs of the border crossing. Now we'd long anticipated this ... with all the paper work, copies of all our vehicle titles, current update from Cody's vet and Mexican Insurance, all in order. Tah, duh, now came the ultimate test of if we'd gotten everything in order. The first border crossing was just preliminary, and is the visual here. They just asked where you were from and waved you on. Later, still under dark we underwent the more detail process. And - hurrah - passed into the country, heaving a huge sigh!

We were still caravaning with our RV companions and followed them til around 2-3pm. They knew of a lovely RV park right on the Sea of Cortez and we took the turn off as they headed there. I can't tell you how I was looking forward to that respite by the sea! We had a l-o-n-g interlude getting set up (pretty funny for all you well-practiced RVers) but we got settled in, and threw off clothes donning our swim suits and grabbing towels. Off to the beach!!! The water was azure and fairly warm. Ro, of course, dived right in and Cody and I romped, playing tag in the breaking water. When all of us were satiated, we all landed on the pebbly sand, gazing up the beach at about this angle, sifting thru the rocks and shells for fascinating treasures. I was 'recovered' and anxious slept, preparing for another 6am take-off time with our cohorts.

This time we left at 5:50am ... and this nearly night sky echos the early hours. We were tailing along with our others who lead, but told them we'd really not wanted to make another long day and rather than follow them all the way to Mazatlan, we'd drop off somewhere and camp by ourselves. Little did we know what we were inviting for our novice experience.

With three different alternatives for that evenings camp site, we never dreamed how we could miss them all (see November 17 & 19th previous posts)! But, we did :( And as much as we'd not wanted to drive the long trek to Mazatlan, we ended up there, just arriving at dark. As I'd mentioned in the previous blog entry, we heard this loud "th-wack", like hitting some part of the RV or the PT Crusier we towed, when we pulled into this large parking lot. The next morning, after the most horrendous night of the trip, Roland discovered this hinge, on the right side of the RV that works as an axis for when we open up our awning, was broken off. Lucky for Roland's handyman skills, he screwed new holes in with new screws and its holding up! This large storefront, the "Mega" (similar to Walmart) was the store whose parking lot functioned as our lodging for the previous evening. And I bow to the quiet saftey it afforded us.

Yes, we were glad to be taking off from our friendly "Mega" store and were a bit foggy (Roland hadn't slept at all, and I, with an emotional hangover from the situation) but, onward towards Lake Chapala. Things had to be looking up from here and off we go . . .

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