Monday, March 29, 2010

Valentine's Day & Mentoring Sweetness

I've wanted to share this page in my journal for awhile - - but you know the "getting-to-the-computer" challenge. So, finally here's the entries for my Valentine's Day and the ending of my Mentoring with my Dear Kiri.

Valentine's Day was a bit unpredictable. I'd received this lil flier from a fellow at the February Ashland First Friday in my studio, and it intrigued me. The presentation of film shorts included beautifully hand-colored films and - I thought - perhaps Roland, my Valentine, would find that entertaining. So it put me into action of reserving dinner at his favorite lil Ashland restaurant, Lela's ( with a brisk early dinner in mind. That way we could wisk off to the University Campus and see the shorts. But as the day approached, I realized, to be open, compassionate and self-less (well, at least an effort towards that), I asked him to make the decision as to whether we'd hurry a single course, or revel in a slow, "muse-ful" dinner. When we got to the restaurant and he saw the menu (did I tell you, he's a "closet" fabulous chef?) - you can guess which direction won out. Yep, the leisurely dinner. And it felt calming, pleasing to watch him savor his dinner and my company :) I've kept a portion of the tender card Ro gave me at dinner, to complete this entry.

Now the ending of my mentoring project was pretty tender too. I'd been invited by both Kiri and her parents to be present for her formal presentation of the "Mentoring Project" that she and I'd endeavored to fulfill over the past 40 hours and 3 months. I was so touched and amazed at the maturity of the 3 earlier presentations - I could hardly contain myself. But when Kiri took the stage, she'd framed beautifully her final piece (the triptych) and matted uniformly in dramatic black mat all the exercises and sketches we'd every developed.

Her presentation took awhile as she dialogued what she'd learned, opening with profuse compliments for me. I delighted as she unveiled each piece and heard the audience exude a "wow". I was immeasurably proud of her and impressed by her progress when viewed this way in entirety. Following the assembly, her mom and dad handed me a lush and gorgeous rose bouquet and thank you card. Of course, I teared up :)

Over the next few days I pondered our whole endeavor and came up with the word "worth" - because out of all that investment and interaction - what I felt most and saw Kiri beam with - was worth. Increased worth.

So, now for the new technique - I'd been aching to try this new technique with Golden's Light Molding Paste. I understood you can spread the paste onto WC paper, then, carve in different textures and words. It dries white, light weight, and absorbent. When dry I dropped in various colors that went along with my feeling of "worth" and lastly, some delicious acrylic liquid bronze. Yippie - did I have fun! LOVE this new process - so unpredictable and luxurious in texture. I did find tho, that after it had dried and I'd dangled my dried rose on string (to add movement), the rose petal stuck to the paste, tearing it off my yellow string. But I'll use this again, guaranteed.

Looking at the page . . . can we have too much sweetness in our lives . . . heck NO!!! Go enjoy!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Wonderful and thoughtful blog post. I would love to see Kiri's finished work.

Oma3 said...

What a beautiful page, Elaine... and the paste sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing this with us.