Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Trip Full of Planning and Play

I really have not fallen off the planet. I have had planned for several weeks a trip down to the Bay Area to satisfy many requirements. With plans to participate in three (yes, actually THREE) different shows down in my ole stomping grounds, the San Francisco Bay Area. I left early in the morning and pass the gorgeous Mount Shasta en route. There was an incredible northward wind pushing the cluster of clouds around the peak into mesmerizing patterns. I did sneak a shot as I drove by. Nature truly is astonishing with it's ever changing visions.

The first show upcoming is "A Year in the Secret Garden" that will be the culmination of a project involving six artists who painted monthly in a beautiful El Cerrito garden full of exotic, amazing greenery. I was honored to be among these amazing artists (including Jane Hofstetter, Charlotte Britton, Charlotte Panton, Jean Warren, Anne Fallin and Ruth Beeve). The show will take place at the "Glenn Gallery of Art", running from April 1-30, artist reception April 10th, 1-4pm.

During my visit I met/stayed with my very dear artist friends, Jean Warren and Floy Zittin planning our collaborative show in Los Altos, July 6-30. This show I'm so excited about - as we three have kept in communication since we all moved five years ago via painting! YES, I did say painting! We have been mailing full sheet pieces, each contributing a 6 x6 inch comprobable space. Here's a sample of one we've completed, "Puzzling Nature". Also, we have an ongoing dialogue with 5 x7 inch pieces, responding to the previous artists entries or just where we are in our lives. Those we now have 67 pages!!! And along with hanging challenges we plotted out a workshop we will make available on the Saturday,July 10th after our Friday Artist Reception at Viewpoints Gallery ( I've just begun this journal sketch of us planning at the restaurant table - the poor waiter never knew what hit him :)

The day before I left I joined and dear friend and her hubby on a hike of Uvas Park in the Almaden Valley. It was a lovely day and the park offered lush fern with numerous waterfalls. The Madrone trees were blooming with their tiny with flowers and scents of various bushes filled the air. I've got some juicy images for paintings now gurgling in my mind ... here's a sample.

But my home was calling ... after I'd picked up the two (yep, not just one) of the favorite pizzas from his most-missed-Italian-restaurant for my hubby and a cup on my favorite Starbuck's Chai Tea ... I was on the road. I've got it down to just under 7 hours travel between San Jose, California and Jacksonville, Oregon. So now I'm tucked sweetly back with my two boys (the hubby and the furry one, Cody) and relishing what a beautiful, full and joyous life I have - on a pretty gorgeous planet.

So just take a moment and especially during this springtime, savor the goodness and wonder of our world. Blessings?? beyond counting ...

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