Friday, March 13, 2009

Snowman When Daffodils Are Out?

Seems like a silly celebration - but I'm celebrating getting un-chained from the computer and back to the creative dance of painting in my journal. Yippee!!!!!

After nearly a month of working on my Women's Mexico Retreat Handbook, the over-fifty-page handout is printed, page numbered, collated and ready to pop into binders. I'd wanted to prepare a detailed explanation of all the instruction that my co-instructor and I will be presenting. So that after the Retreat, the participants will be able to look back for reference on how to do things. I've been typing out explanations, importing photos to help with details and finally numbering the pages in sequence. Damaris, my co-instructor, who is doing mandala presentations, mailed me her over-twenty five-page insert. And I finally got the pages scanned, enumerated and in order. Being sure to save out pages that involve exercises we want to distribute only after the process, I finally have THIS - the completed handbook!

And yesterday, I luxuriated in an afternoon painting a sweet Christmas illustration in my journal. I know it's w-a-a-a-a-a-y-y-y-y past December, but that's where I need to go to update my journal. I had the image sketched in and only had the fun part of layering and adding dashes of pink and alizarian paint over the top to make it pop. This is an adorable lil' holiday ornament I acquired last year (I'd purchased a set of six, sending the lil' fellow's brothers and sisters out to friends for gifts). So, he's the sole survivor of his family to reside here with us. Even thought the holiday season reeked with weird situations and disappointments (I know, "no expectations, no disappointments!"), this lil' smilin' snowman was one of the joys of that season. So, I'm wishing you - a happy holiday moment, even thought my daffodils are blooming!

Hey, you can ALWAYS find something to celebrate!!!

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