Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movin' Out of December in March? What?

It's been an experience the last two weeks. I had hoped to have the nice month of March to catch up in my Journal, think of details for the Women's Mexico Retreat I'm teaching in April and have time to pack leisurely. Well . . . thought I had a bit of a cold but beat it. Then about a week later, it revisited. This time it brought luggage and moved in - for a week. An icky week! I surrendered and just gargled, took naps and expected it to "go packing". On the sixth day, I woke dizzy, nauseated and with a fever. I did not pass "go", I went directly to the clinic - and was diagnosed with a Respiratory Infection! I'm just not liking this as in about eighteen days I LEAVE FOR MEXICO!!!

But in between, I have taken advantage of some painting time . . . to catch up my Journal from way back end of December. These few pages and images are from a lovely trip we took up to Sisters, Oregon for a kind of "holiday gift" to ourselves. As we traveled en route, we were stopped, turned around by a road block and ventured through some adventuresome country to finally arrive at Sisters after five hours. My hubby had made our reservations at a rustic but opulent lodge with private little cabins called "Five Pine". It was magical.

Our next morning we coffee-ed at a local place. It was called "Sisters Bakery", charming, warm and the yummiest pastries and baked goods I've seen in a long time. We reserved a rhubarb (our favorite) pie, on the spot, to take home with us. Our attempt a show shoeing up near Camp Sherman on the Metolius River was detoured by the horizontal snow blizzard. But we dined in Bend and the next morning, picked up our pie and headed home.

The day was brilliantly clear and the fresh snow glistened as we drove by. But my favorite site along the trail home was actually in the rear view mirror . . . as I looked back at the magnificent Mt. Theilsen. With it's fresh coat of whiter-than-white snow now facing the sun and the azure blue sky above it, only to be framed at the bottom by the rich evergreen forest. It was like a crowning jewel for the end of our trip.

Can you tell I am finally feeling better? I swear to the amazing cure antibiotics are . . . but I'm in appreciation of the quiet time I've had to revel in my journal and travel to wonderful places in my pigments - - - and to share it with you. Happy trails and - STAY HEALTHY!


melissa said...

Lovely, lovely!

Super Peg said...

I love your blogs "E" and your glorious journals! What type of journal book do you use? I want to start keeping a more picturesque journal. Blessings, Peggy