Friday, April 25, 2008

A Day of Catching Up

After yesterday's whirlwind adventures, I've opted to just relax at the condo today. I'm w-a-y behind on my journal and I'm seeing that I've forgotten some of what we did on which day. Better write it down!!! I love recapping the feelings and faces that people our travels and the day passes quickly. I do take a break and wander down the beach, relishing the play of the sand being washed up by the waves. There is black and gold sediment that appears less in weight and it forms mesmerizing cascades from one tier of sand down to the next tier. The day is, of course, lovely and I paw through display of a beach vendor selling colorful women's wraps, dresses and beach covers. I got the yellow one :) and then back to the condo.

The guys had joined up for a trip up to visit the brother, living nearby, of a family who own a Mexican restaurant in our home town of Jacksonville, Or. They arrive back home with tales that paint a very small town and the personalities there. Roland sampled a "crawdad-like" treat, prepared by the lady of the house there - and hasn't died yet! En route home they passed and toured this family business making bricks by grinding up coconuts! Interesting.

Our dinner adventure began once more taking the local bus system. What a view - seeing the wild traffic and the shoppers and the people coming home from work. I love the mix! What we learned was, to request that the bus driver tell you when he approaches the place at which one wants to exit - and you're pretty safe. So our driver yells, "La Toscana!" And we depart, plunk, right into the restaurant doorway.

The old building has a European feel and they seat us on the large, wide patio. Surprisingly, the wind was coming off the water briskly but, the view was so inviting we decided to weather it and ordered our meal. The sunset provided a glowing backdrop to cruise ships, oil tankers and other huge ships strolling out to sea. But as dinner progressed, table by table of customers headed inside to a warmer climate - and - we did make it to dessert. But took our coffee and dessert inside. Now it was cramped inside, and they placed a small table next to the TV (yes, showing a soccer game) and the kitchen door - we laughed at our vantage point. Dinner was yummy and the evening playful especially traveling home with the bus driver playing "chicken" with the brand new Mercedes Benz bus! Did I mention that the bus drivers don't use their clutch to shift either?

So until tomorrow ... buenos nochas!

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