Saturday, April 12, 2008

BACK in Manzanillo!

Who knows where I went - first it was a dead battery - and then days fly by. But don't worry, I intend to finish touring you through our trip to Mexico. Ok, day 2.

Our mission today is to hit the large, local Saturday Market. We're so anxious, that we get to the area early and decide to watch Mike eat breakfast and drink in the surrounding sounds and sights. We walk to the Market and what a wealth of images for an artist. I was shooting all the time - attempting to freeze OR just get the "right" framing or emotion of a face. It seemed like miles for my feet and my camera finger. But I did get a sweet slice portrait of this young Mexican girl SO intent upon pouring our fruit drink into the glass. I love her innocent, round face and deep brown eyes. After we all go back to the condo to revive.

Roland seems to rejuvenate with vigor - and the plot for the evening is in progress! For dinner, he purposes taking the local bus to the other end, way south, to the Manzanillo Centro. Now, usually, I trust Roland and I love the adventure of taking a local bus - BUT - we have been warned that the buses do not seem to have rhyme or reason with their destination. Not to mention we don't even know how far away this "Centro" is located!

Finally I "trust the Universe" and wave g'bye (possibly our last!) to our comrades and off we go to the bus. WHAT an experience! People watching was delicious and once we arrive w - a - y down south in the Centro, it's an all new perspective. More government and city buildings, library (being built) and the square where this giant sailfish pirouettes into the evening sky. Seems the port is not only the largest on the west coast, but is also known for their sailfish. We wandered the area, getting rather hungry. The certainty of big, good restaurants began to fade as we searched. Finally, in vain, we settled on the biggest, most sophisticated place we could find. Now, don't laugh - it was a Chinese Restaurant!!! Not bad enough? It was the worst imaginable!!! Can you imagine a chicken chop suey that tastes like Styrofoam? We laughed!!

The trip home on the bus made up for the food. My favorite image on the bus was the young lady going to a birthday party (apparently) with the pink frosted cake in tow. Not in a box or your Tupperware container - nope - just naked, out there for a face or hand plant. But, amazingly, she made it to her destination despite our bus driver being an expert at playing 'chicken' with various other vehicles! What a day ... g'night.

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