Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Arriving HOME . . .

We'd reached Redding, California and decided to stay, rather than push a day that was aggravated by strong headwinds and side gusts. We nested in a Starbucks parking lot after shopping at the nearby Trader Joes. And slept well.

You could feel it in the air when I woke up . . . we were goin' home today!!! I even skipped some of my exercises to get us on the road quickly. But the day emotionally spiked with an early, disarming sound. CRASH - SCREECH - CRUNCH - THUD ! ! ! I jumped up to throw open the curtain of the RV to see what was crashing thru things. Way on the other side of the parking lot, was a vehicle careening over, thru and across all the small concrete islands, then, down the landscaped hill to the street, slamming into the asphalt and continuing across the lanes, smashing into the front of an apartment building on the other side of the street. Oh MY WORD!!!! When I finished my yoga, I walked over to see how the clean up was going with all the police, ambulance and tow trucks. One lady, apparently the one who's apartment now had a giant hole in the wall was out front wrapped in her bed quilt. These situations always pop me back into gratitude. Thankful it wasn't me and prayerful for those involved to learn the highest lesson from their experience. Made me think even more, "get me home, get me home".

Leaving Redding in the pale mornin' fog soon warmed to hazy California sunshine. The classic cows dotting the green fields in front of the white ranch/farm houses made me smile. Farther and farther up Highway 5, the fields change from cows to olive trees and, then we start to see key hallmarks of our "home" getting closer. This was the first shot where I could clearly make out Mt. Shasta . . . see it w-a-a-a-a-y in the distance? Soon, we began climbing, passing Lake Shasta, who's water level was up from when we'd left in November.

We are seriously approaching the Oregon border when we get a close-up view of snow capped Mt. Shasta. I can feel excitement growing! Around another corner I see the Crag Rocks off to the left, poking into the sky surrounded by lush evergreens and cloud fluff. Once over the Siskiyou Pass, with it''s clear roads and blue sky, strewn with white clouds, I could just take "home". The pale, moist haze hung over the barns and wide spans of grazing meadows around Ashland.

At Exit 24, we pull off to unhitch the RV and the vehicle. I'll drive the car home and Roland can just back the RV safely into it's spot next to the house. I'm tailing the RV shooting photos and smilin' at the familiar. Those giant Golden Poppies int the South Stage Vineyards are the fine craftsmanship (or would that be craftwomanship?) of local Jacksonville Cheryl Garcia (http://greatmetalwork.com/). As we meander into the green corner of the Rogue Valley where Jacksonville is nestled, you can see the old Jacksonville red brick high school in the distance. Still trailing Roland in the RV, we breathe in our hometown . . . with all it's historic charm . . . and turn left up Third Street. At the first "Bump" sign we stop, I pause as Roland backs in, then, I pull in to his right. Engines off. We are HOME!!!

Following some basic unloading, the afternoon brings sunshine and I snap a shot of our precious abode. How can I thank you for following my travels and supporting this adventure from the comfortable chairs in your cozy homes? I had so many friends, new and, more 'seasoned', who have sent me love and trusted in our safe return. I thank you all, because your energy was absolutely with me. I'm humbled . . . and home. :)


Oma5 said...

Welcome home... it must feel really good to be back in your very own bed ....e

mj said...

Wow..I like your painting very unique...

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