Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leaving Los Mochias and Clumsily into San Carlos

I won't share with you any lovely visuals of our drive to, arrival nor the stay in the Los Mochias Sam's/Walmart parking lot. I did experience a slight level of discomfort as we'd as the security guards about the appropriateness of staying over night in their lot . . . them with no English and us with . . . well, less that proficient Spanish.

Then, added to that, Roland was out side the RV and a fellow walks up. Now Roland is amiable as the fellow inquires about polishing up the front RV light plexiglass covers (part of our problem with the dim driving lights, remember?). With some bargaining, Ro get him down to a reasonable price and in conversation, finds out he was exported from the US because the attempted killing someone. Swell, the fellow even knows the death row inmate who'd moved into Buddhist beliefs and whose book we'd been reading ("Finding Freedom", by Jarvis Mathews). I'm not excited about attracting ex-prison friends . . . but "we're all the same inside", right, I'm thinking. Anyway, we make it thru the night and are up early to head out. But, in the inner valleys, the winter mornings offer fog to feel your way thru.

Once the fog lifts, the burst thru sunny and clear. The countyside, as I've mentioned, now that we are in the State of Sonora, has little agriculture and we begin seeing more and more cattle. Some who are herded right along the highway . . . hopefully with well behaved and obedient animals. We wind thru some mountains and veer back over towards the coast for our next evenings lodging.

We have had good recommendations and yearnings too, to try out staying at Guaymas, just a little down from San Carlos, where we'd stayed on the Sea of Cortez on our way down. One of our friends had suggested this great old hotel on the beach, quiet and romantic she'd said. That was our aim . . . but unfortunately, our internet connection for specific directions hadn't gotten to her in time so, we were sort of aimlessly wandering past the sparkling juts of land on the coast. But we got to the city of Guaymas, finding it much larger and more sophisticated (lots of references with Native motifs) than we'd expected.

Since, once again, we are now 45 feet long and don't want to chance getting stuck in small beach navigation, we opt to continue driving up the coast and return to San Carlos. We weren't disappointed, sliding into the RV space we knew we could just quietly slither out at early hours without disturbing all the others still sleeping. I was dedicated to getting a blog post up and cleaning the RV some (between the Cody fir, the road dust and the sand now added - I just had to vaccuum and sweep - and most of you know how much I love cleaning!!). So that's what I did while Ro and Cody went for a dip.

Following dinner, we all took a relaxing walk way down into town where we'd not ventured before. We noticed the early fog, turning pink and sneaking in along the peninsula and savored a pair of pelicans taking turns diving for dinner. Loud "Creedence Clearwater Revival" music was blaring out of the local bar/eatery, "Froggy's" and we walked in pace to the beat. Very nice homes/condos lined the arterial road we followed, again, many for sale or rent. Once we'd turned around and headed back to the RV campsites, we were reminded of the beautiful, glowing full moon watching our moves.

I'm resistant to head in to go to bed for our early rising . . . it's so warm and lovely out. But soon, logic swallows up my romancing and we all nest in for the night. Early travel is more palatable with the alluring motivation that - - tomorrow we will cross over the Border, finally back in the US!!!

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