Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Beach Day at the Isla de la Piedra, before Departure

Thank goodness, Roland has many skills. Beyond being a retired, skilled electrical contractor, he's incredibly handy with fixing . . . well, just about anything. So he took to solving the PT Cruiser's towing challenge (remember, the brake line had pulled thru the front bumper?) actually, lying in bed the night we arrived! And by Sunday morn, he was going to fix it by borrowing some materials, buying some from neighboring RVers and - POOF - by noon, he'd repaired it himself and called off the next day's mechanic visit!

While he's been working vigilantly, I've been inside the RV working in my journal. But out the front windows I've watching this lil' RV park function and the actual little functioning village it is here within itself. I watched the "water" delivery man come thru, then the fellow selling various plants and finally, the truck with all the fresh veggies and fruits you could possibly want for the day. It all made me smile.

So we had the rest of the day to recuperate on the beach. Down the beach we strolled, catching the locals at their usual activities. Some rent horses on the beach, others offer boat rides in the bay and restaurants readying for lunch and evening meals. When we walked to the end of the bay we went over the road leading farther out the landing, only to see a water taxi across the water way to the bigger part of Mazatlan. We decided to have an early dinner on the beach and during the time waiting for our final check, we were, of course, visited by many beach vendors. Well, there was one lovely Mexican woman offering up hand embroidered works and we fell in love with one blouse. But finding we didn't bring enough denaro to pay what she wanted (we did bargain with her!) we hurriedly walked back to the RV to get her remaining balance. And, soft hearted Roland . . . even gave her more for walking all that way down the beach with us!! We'd heard there was an entire village, Isla de la Piedra, and took the car for a spin into that village, finding very confusing street layout in which we proceeded to get lost but, DID see some charming parts too!

We're nestled in our cozy RV early, ready to get a "reasonably" good nights sleep and be off early in the morn. I'm up before the sun and we pull out just as the sun is coming up. To save the wear on the hitch, I'm driving the PT Cruiser, Ro the RV. I'm lovin' the images as the sun streams thru the fog. This gentleman on his bicycle heading into town was "classic" and g'thing I was driving slow . . . I snapped the photo! After we arrived back on asphalt, Roland hooks up the PT Crusier behind our RV and you can see how filthy it's gotten just with the drive out those bumpy 8.5 miles. But finally, we are on our happy way . . . destined for Los Mochias and their Walmart parking lot.

Adios . . . til the next internet connection . . .

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