Monday, January 24, 2011

Crossing the Border . . . and on to Marana

The dark night still swirls with the night fog when we get up to do morning stretches, breakfast and leave by 6am. Our hope it to get to the border crossing before mid-day heat and when our energy levels are ready for whatever the inspections require. Squeaking and bumping along (see that "tope" speed bump there?), we sneak out from our RV campsite and hit the road.

The only other large Mexico city we pass thru is Hermosillo, proceeded by a smaller "Navajo". I was still a bit confused at seeing this great example of Native Indian graphic when we were leaving Hermosillo rather than, "Navajo" (which is actually a city where the Navajo Indians had settled). Also, along this stretch of highway we saw more and more small shrines which became more and more elaborate. This sweet lil' one was probably one of the most complex we saw. The number of trucks seemed to increase too, just look at this "corral" of semi-trucks we found ourselves in, at a stop light in Hermosillo. It can be quite intimidating - at least for me - my testosterone levels aren't the highest!!

So, after miles of "topes" and watching out for wild dogs at each gas station . . . we finally approach the US Border crossing. It's near 1pm and there's a fair line at the crossing, trucks are direction-ed off to the far right. When we get to the guard, we present our passports, they ask if we have any plants, dirt, seeds, meat, or animals. We hand them the papers for Cody (he had to have a health exam by a Mexican Vet before we reach the crossing) and for some reason (who knows) they move us into a parking lot for further inspection. A gentle guard comes aboard, greets Cody and peeks into some of our drawers and closet. Finally, he gives us the "Ok" to proceed across into the US and off we go!! This was so much easier than I'd envisioned . . . I imagined them going thru all our belongings, asking to declare how much and what we'd purchased in Mexico. Nope . . . none of that.

We do stop in Nogales to pick up some groceries and then, back on Interstate 10 towards Tuscon. This is familiar territory from before and we know the Marana Walmart lot that will be our bedroom for the evening. We pull into the lot around 3pm, ready for a nice long walk. I'm in search of a Post Office, as several Coloradoians in the San Carlos RV Park had given me letters to post for them and I had a completed 5x7 inch entry for my "Traveling Conversations" artist comittment to mail too. Just less than a block to our right, we find the Post Office and send the envelopes off. For our internet connection we sit in front of the nearby Starbucks, sipping our favorite "Chai" teas and watching the pinkness of desert sunsets take over the sky.

After dinner our evening walk around the lot is playful and comfortable. Roland sites an interesting visual pun with the street lights as the near full moon positioned itself, just like a third light bulb on the pole. With a sigh of relief, we nest into our Arizona bed . . . already feeling closer to the reality of being home in our Oregon nest.

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