Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve Delights

One of the pleasures we have found abundant here in the Lake Chapala area is the open friendliness of nearly all the English speaking locals. It was explained to me that, "since most everyone who moves here leaves behind friends and/or family and are very willing to open their hearts and homes to create new relationships". We have certainly experienced this and to the ultimate with one warm couple I first met at the local "Ajijic Socity for the Arts" meeting I attended. Then, we shared palettes, so to speak, at Ratindra Das' Watercolor Workshop that I attended and finally, was invited to a lunch on New Year's Eve at their home.

We had NO vision in mind for food nor camaraderie, and were overwhelmed with both. Finding their home was an adventure. We'd attempted earlier in the week to locate their address so we'd not be late, but failed. This time we took the cell phone and were guided in with our hostess coming out into the parking lot directing us inward! The area was misleading . . . with dirt road and a clothesline all we could see . . . well, behind the line of parked cars, we entered into a lovely grass space. Their home was in a community of 6 homes, all facing the lake (and small pool) with the gently widening area between each tandem pair of houses, allowing all abodes to have a lake view!

After a quick and sweet tour of the 2 bedroom, 2 bath and 2 fireplace hacienda, we quickly headed (our hostess was starving - no problem with us - we love to eat) to the beautifully set table on the patio. Our light lunch consisted of a chilled cream of avocado soup (made from avocado trees right there on the grounds) and fresh shrimp salad with a lime/chili pepper dressing! I'm sorry the photo doesn't show the luscious non-gluten bread freshly out of the oven! The meal was delicious, each plate had special, differing flavors ('specially the various hot spices added). We were quickly stuffed with pleasure.

In between mouthfuls, we inquired on their process of moving to Mexico and purchasing their home (which they'd not planned to do). So many serendipitous things happened to them and they shared names and places of great contacts too, saving us much pain and stress (thank you, thank you, thank you!).

Another link I thoroughly enjoyed was that our host and hostess were from Colorado ('member I'm from Denver?). So I got updates on the area and shared silly lil' in common places and history.

Now we needed to move around before we popped! Cody was in heaven, as finally, he was able to wander on the lawn, lay splayed out on the cool green shade and just inhale the breeze. At the beginning of the lake, was a wall and stairway, leading down to fruit trees and another grasses area. Herons, egrets and many other bird just hung out and off to the left was a smoldering fireplace with a giant soup pot a'boiling. In answer to our question, the permanent caretakers, gardeners, and handy man's family that lived on the grounds, was making a puffed corn soup (we forgot the name) for new year's eve. And also, you can see in the middle, down by the water, a pile of wood - - (remember our Mexican neighbor who stoked up a campfire in our street for Christmas Eve?) well, apparently, it's traditional for New Year's Eve too!

Soon it was time to bid adieu to our dear, kind host & hostess, and wander home. Our hearts were filled with their kindness and well, you know about our tummies! As we waved g'bye, they offered us another visit so that Cody could get his "grass fix" before we start our long drive home.

Isn't the planet just sprinkled with the most generous, fun and sincere people?

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