Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Palm Springs Sleep Leading to a Los Banos Reunion

From Marana in Arizona, we have plans to stay in Palm Springs. We head out early across the l-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-g-g-g desert trek. This is the most agonizing drive just because of it's emptiness. I did try to appreciate the simple, subtle changes of mountain colors, the "Desert Fox" museum and the abstract pattern of these way past dead palm trees that had tried to make in the arid, brutal landscape, but failed. Leaving the desert we catch a view of the mountains above Palm Springs (burrr) and the GPS directs us to our RV "resort" (not quite certain what helped it qualify for "resort) in uneventful Palm Springs. If feels odd seeing this opulent, exaggerated lifestyle present in this area after the stark desert and the unencumbered culture in Mexico. I was uncomfortable . . .

In the crisp morn we pass the quiet, but majestic Wind Energy generating wind mills and several even "wave" greetings. The path thru the Los Angeles area is so very active, populated with people and stores and cars and a dull haze gazing down to the LA area. Up and up and up we grind heading over the "Grapevine". I'm pleased to head finally downhill but am astonished to see the haze down in the agricultural valley, darker than LA!! But as we moved onto the languid green valley, we could see it was fog and it burned off. Boy, was I relieved!

The gradual ebb and change of the California landscape is delicious. We moved from citrus to nuts to cherry trees and I love watching the variety. Our evening destination has "become" Los Banos. With the aid of the internet and Facebook, I've caught a note from a dear friend of ours who we've not seen in probably eight years or so. She offered up meeting somewhere as we traveled thru if it worked for us. Thank goodness she gave us her phone, because we were able to arrange the exact restaurant meeting spot in Los Banos. She was willing to drive the foggy and windy road up Pacheco Pass over Highway 152 to meet us! What a sweet reunion we had . . . dinner was invisible (sorry the practice of "being totally with the food you eat" went out the window) but conversation was lively and peppered with laughter!!

We waved g'bye to our friend and returned to our friendly Walmart lot for our last "sleep" before we arrive home to our own bed. G'nite all . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ . . .

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