Monday, February 7, 2011

The Nesting of a Heart . . .

As you notice by the date, it's taken awhile for me to gather myself all back together and start participating in my juicy, enriching life here in Oregon. But, it has finally begun and I'm feeling grounded once more.

You know all the standard stuff, laundry, unpacking, going thru the mail and touching base with precious friends has made me feel so supported and loved. Aren't friends just the "best-est" thing on the planet?

I went back to my sweet studio space in the Ashland Art Center and wiggled back into my chair, beginning to paint and update my journal. It feels SO GOOD!!! Reconnecting with my artists peers and catching up on all the goings on at the Art Center (like the big fund raiser in March with demos and more and more!!!) The year of 2011 has been declared the "Year of Paper" at the Art Center and there was created a playful, fascinating hanging 'mobile' of sorts. It dangles on movable threads in the open space above the stairs - located just in my horizon when I look up from my desk. Love the patterns formed by the afternoon light on the paper objects!!! Also, I have new neighbors, whose names I'm still learning (blush) that I caught here, chatting to the public at our February "First Friday Artwalk". Now, upon request, I'm starting to plan a "Watercolor Basics for Journaling" class . . . hopefully starting in March. I love my Art Center home :)

And then there's my sweet "home, sweet home" too. As both Roland and I walked into our cozy, cheery abode, we looked at each other saying, "We love this lil home, tell me again why we want to move to Mexico?" Even without encouragement or tender care, our adorable teeny white Snowdrop blossoms have popped up all around our home and meekly peek out when we have a sunny afternoon. Inside, I'm surrounded by all the earthy, rich wood that I so much appreciate (having realized that, when we visited Mazamitla, remember?) and my treasured lil' green wood burning stove. Two of my favorite times of day are: 1) in the early morn, when Roland has just stoked the golden fire and we sit with our coffee mugs and read our daily selection from Buddhist or other spiritual encouragements, and then, 2) at night, when it's frosty cold out and the fire warms our spirits and 'cockles' after our nightly walk.

Roland is busy again. Currently, he's modernizing our second bedroom's closet door and has placed our 28 foot RV and the PT Cruiser (that we towed) up for sale. We've decided we'd probably not drive back down to Mexico in the RV again and selling the duo would make sense, since they are so nicely paired up with the custom hitch and braking system. And right now, he's mustering up a yummy pasta dinner (wanna drop by?).

Seems life is moving and changing . . . as always. Despite my attempt to freeze the "perfect" things in my life . . . I'm still learning that change IS the perfection. My ~ the lessons never do end, I guess, if you want to stay vibrantly alive, eh?

So, for now . . . my heart is all nested back into it's home . . . can you hear it purring?

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