Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colorado Reunion Ending into Plein Air at Eden Vale

So I've met up with my dear "sister" in Montrose to wrap up my Telluride Retreat adventure. Karen and I were sister-in-laws many years ago and the deep friendship has lasted many years past that. Those kind of relationships are rare and, for me, very treasured. We chose to have dinner the easiest way possible ... and just across the parking lot was ... "The Red Barn". Sure, salad bar sounds good to me on this hot Autumn evening and we giggle as we catch up. With an early-to-bed agenda to accommodate my early shuttle to the 6am flight out
of Medford, we nest into our beds early and say our g'byes. After one transfer at the Denver airport, I arrive safely into the arms of my honey, Roland and a wagging-tailed golden retriever, Cody. It is good to be back at the "660" address in cozy J-ville.

I'd scheduled and promoted my "Plein Air on Location at Eden Vale" two day workshop and had several participants signed up. Eden Vale Winery is a lovely painting venue, with a historic and elegant 2-story white mansion, rolling vineyards and a mountainous backdrop to savor. And the people are so kind and welcoming to work with ... I can't say enough about them. Above and beyond that ... our class meets for the last afternoon shadows and rich sunset. I select some yellowing grapes for a quick demo ... not too thrilled
with the results ... but plein air can be like that. Next afternoon, I've chosen the peak of the white barn peeking over the deep green vineyards and all that cupped by the budding roses and blue flower pot. This lil' sketch I'm more pleased with ... it feels more clear and complete. Again, some days paintings work, some times it's just turns out to be a learning experience.

And after all, isn't that what life is all about? What we make of our lessons? How we move on from situations, good and/or not-so-good, and what wisdom we squeeze out of the experience? and walk away smiling?

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Sounds like a short yet delightful reunion with your sister-in-law... Its like that when you have a very dear friend, no matter how long you have been apart, when you meet its like no time has passed : )

I always like your water colour sketches/paintings in your journals, they have so much movement and light in them. True snap shots of a moment and time.