Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heart Connections Alongside Great Cats

This two page spread, besides it being the very last entry in this particular journal, seems another presentation that illustrates moving from the inner-viewpoint, to looking at the outer world.

The left page took place weeks after I'd completed, said my g'byes and gotten back home to Oregon from the Workshop with Elinor Peace Bailey. I'd been feeling like I'd wanted to do a "conclusion" page about the experience . . . and shortly I got a card in the mail from two of the participants with lovely compliments that brought tears to my eyes. OK ~ gotta get this page done. So I collected my thoughts (and a few precious items), looked inside my heart to talk about the feelings from that experience and those talented and tender women and this page emerged. The words across the top seemed to best sum up what the page encompassed and I found a font I liked and created similar letters. Now the colors and the gentle leaf pattern that weaves through the text came to me, wanting to reflect the card, business card and meditation card on the right side of the page. I did have a bit of a challenge with stitching in the lil' silver hearts . . . and honestly, not quite happy with it still. But over all, I love that the page f-e-e-e-e-e-l-s like what my heart felt!  :)  And once again, all you wonderful participants and Elinor and Muff ~ thank you for a powerful and sweet learning experience!

The adjacent page was more about looking AT things . . . but I gotta be authentic here, feelings ended coming out too. We'd gotten this reduced price set of tickets to the "Great Cats" Park over in Cave Junction and a perfectly cool, yet "without rain" day appeared. And since Cody, our Golden Retriever comes nearly everywhere with us . . . and there are no trees for shelter in the parking lot there . . . we needed a cool day for him as well as us (neither of whom enjoy hot, sun beaten tours). When we get to the park we join a tour already in progress and it really is fascinating, the information, tending and history of each of the beautiful cats. I'm not real comfortable with the fact that with each animal our tour guide could garner attention, she teased them into snarling, "performing their fiercest" for the gift of food. But . . . even sadder, the children loved it. Anyway, sorry for interjecting my opinion . . . I was touched by the elegance, strength and pure presence of some of these animals. The two who touched me most are imaged here, the regal lion and the noble white tiger. It was a day of mixed feelings . . .

And so this journal ends with a statement: " . . . held captive . . . we all ache for freedom". (I seem to have established a ritual of closing each journal with a quote or statement that reflects where I am in my life at the moment).

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