Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Sick In Mexico . . .

All our Mexico adventures have not been fun ones. So I thought I'd toss in a reality entry to balance out the picture.

About three weeks into arriving here in the Lake Chapala area, both of us started showing signs of illness. Roland's usual was a broncial cough/cold, and mine (which I'd not had in years) likes to manifest as a sinus infection. For days I doubled my netti pot treatment up and gargled with saltwater too. When, on the third day I started seeing signs of what I recognized as a urinary tract infection, I followed Roland's visit to the lil' blue "Hospital Clinic Ajijic". Dr. Rodriguez (spelling?) was a gentle, soft-spoken man who interviewed me, jotted down my symptoms, gathered a specimen for lab testing and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. I wasn't pleased with antibiotics but, thought it might be what would serve me best. Each visit was $200 pecos (under $17US dollars) and when I came back for the lab results, another $60 pecos and $200 pecos for the second visit. I was given a second prescription for additional anitbiotics (now I'd be on them for 30 days). The prices on the antibiotics, too, are in pecos (just for your information).

We learned this facility was built by the doctor who runs and works full time there. During the week he has specialists in eye, heart etc. visit and speciality patients can make appointments with them. Nice 2 story, clean building and open 24/7!!

So for about thirteen days I continued on my medication. The tract infection symptoms went away within days and slowly, the sinus symptoms diminished. Then, BOOM!!! - the sinus pain came back with a vengance, even my eyes were beginning to swell!! I was on my way down to the clinic again when, our neighbor suggested I try the homeopath whose talk we'd attended recently. She treats such things. I was fed up with the antibiotics NOT working and made a U-turn, heading to the Homeopath, Barbara Rotthaler ( just blocks away from us. She too interviewed me, some symptom questions, but more in the realm of personality and current emotional state. She mentioned that when symptoms stay past the antibiotic treatment time (usually 10 days in my experience) that it is because of emotional reasons. When we talked about the possible move here to Mexico and emotions of fear/saddness that I was harboring ... tears came to my eyes. I was given some teeny lil' pills immediately, then two drops to be taken 3 times daily, 15 minutes apart - and stopped the antibiotics! Within two days, I felt fantastic!!!

My poor husband held his mouth as I did this treatment. But I'm swearing by it now and have recommended Barbara to several other new aquaintences with health issues! Love to hear your experiences with homeopaths . . .

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