Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Romancing of the Hay Rolls

My romance with hay rolls began a long, long time ago. Many years ago I painted this image from the Western Slope of Colorado, near Steamboat Springs, when I visited there. I love the sweeping sky and fields during that time of year, stripped with the alternating harvest textures. So this original actually hangs in a special place right in my home studio.

But my romance continues. Just the other day driving into Medford I was thrilled at this site. In fact, Roland and I took a late evening ride just to photograph them with their long shadows. Yes, I could be planning another painting. But most of all, I enjoy the round shapes. Personally, I don't like square edges on much of anything. I constantly round rooms off by moving furniture at angles to soften the corners. I mean, even my home and Ashland studios have turned furniture to break up those "square angles"! So, it would come as no surprise that these beauties are cherished in my eyes.

Perhaps, with this new viewpoint of hay rolls, you'll find a new amusement in your late summer travels. One can find beauty in the most unusual places . . . keep those eyes open. Cheers!

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Reed Stevens said...

MaryJo has sent me to your delightful blog.

'Round' is the First Shape of Life, the egg, the breast, our faces! And I, too, love those hay rolls. Such abundance.

I love your watercolors, too. Very very pretty. Makes me miss those broad valleys and distant, jagged mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.