Monday, September 28, 2009

The Perfect Birthday

I'm sitting here reminiscing about my birthday just a few weeks ago. Funny, how my dear hubby was discouraged that he'd not made any big plans (a trip, big dinner out, friends invited, etc) but, for me, this birthday couldn't have been any more perfect.

Roland asked me day-before, exactly what I did want to do and I responded, "Take one of our favorite hikes to Takelma Gorge, eat at either Thai Pepper or Bamboo (consistently fabulous food in Ashland/Medford) and complete the day with my favorite Marionberry Cobbler, from StandingStone Brewery (Ashland too).

The gorgeous day broke with sun, warm clear skies and a gentle mood. We leisurely grabbed our pack, hiking shoes and headed towards Woodruff Bridge on the Rogue River. You can see how lovely the trek was. Still, clean waters. And then when we reached to Gorge, there were two tiny people (well, tiny from across the river) perched overlooking the raging waters at the turn of the Gorge. We lunched on power bars and crisp apples, eventually meandering back to the car with, of course, the frequent pauses while Cody ran down to the river's edge, dunked in to cool off and get a drink, then rush back up to the trail. Fur, water and energy flying everywhere!

When we got home, the mail contained oodles of B-day cards - I was overwhelmed with beautiful friends. I know it's no small assignment getting an on-time card to someone who's birthday is on September 3rd. You have to look way ahead at the calendar to even remember and then, you have to get it off and into the mail, navigating Labor Day Holiday mailing schedules. So I'm WAY impressed. I really am blessed with amazing friendships. Many thanks all of you! And what seems now to have become an annual tradition for my birthday entry in my journal, I've created a collage of sorts, combining various cards. This year it was a trial deciding which to combine and what would fit ... but, this was the final fun result.

Our dinner plans took us to Ashland for - opps - a quick right turn on the way to Thai Pepper and - we ended up at an Indian restaurant. Pleasant - but surely, it can not top my beloved dessert: Marionberry Cobbler! It was sensational!

And that's what makes a perfect birthday for me.


Vicki Greene said...

This does indeed sound like the perfect birthday! Thanks for sharing the thoughts and the pictures - very beautiful.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Happy B-lated birthday Elaine. It sounds like you had a super day. Your journal reflects it also as does your writing voice. Happy Birthdaaay to youuuuuuu. (oops, my voiced cracked on that last note *wink)