Saturday, July 4, 2009

Siskiyou Field Institute Area

With many other commitments completed, I'm playing in my journal. This catch up is especially delicious ... just hanging in my studio on these hot (yes, in the 100 degree arena) days re-living joyous trips and events of the past couple of months.

This one is from a trip we took up towards Cave Junction to camp. Our campgrounds were adjacent to Lake Selmac. Initially, the lake appeared lovely but with time, we found the mosquitoes and the dead fish (in the lake and on shore) didn't created a scenic walk. But that didn't spoil our trip. We had seen an article in the Medford Tribune just the previous day, mentioning a "Siskiyou Field Institute" and the wonderful things they were doing near Selmac, Oregon. So, shoot, where is this place - and - we finally find it. Just up the road a bit from our camping site, we are introduced to this fabulous facility. Currently they are hosting a small conference but, they accommodate other local activities and nature oriented classes. Not to mention the amazing valley that spreads wide it's arms, encompassing this warm, modern facility with dormitory-like, yurt and tent camping offerings. I just had to pull up a chair and paint the huge meadow and gaping blue skies. What a refreshing afternoon.

I gathered the names and contacts for future use, just in case I get the opportunity to teach one of my "Journaling Classes" there. It does pay to think ahead.

Later in the day we took a drive, in the direction of cooler temperatures, more near the coast, to Cave Junction where we checked out the Oregon Caves National Monument ( The thirty mile drive up to the caves is cool and green as you climb upward. A curving, shaded drive, where we dropped into several other camp sites (for future possibilities) gave us glimpses of the Illinois River. The Lodge there is fascinating - a real glimpse into history and charm. And it's still in use, with a clear, tempting pond just next to it.

If you get the chance - check out the caves. Although we didn't take the tour (dogs aren't allowed and Cody was with us), we did get the feel of the cool cave just standing at the exit from the cave. On a hot day - nothing could be better. Happy trails!

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