Thursday, October 2, 2008

Show Up and Talk Delivered

We delivered all twenty-five pieces of art to the Rogue Valley Manor day before yesterday. As I mentioned, I was going to be surprised if they hung them all - but - surprised I am!! And I'm quite pleased with how they all look together. The florals blend well with the landscapes and visa versa. My journal was installed on a table in the back so that I might reference it in my 20 minute talk.

My Hubby and I arrived about 15 minutes before the "Artists' Reception" began. I rehearsed, and over-rehearsed the talk, added, talked slower, extrapolated with gestures, and practiced looking into my audience's eyes for days. Now it was time to deliver. I actually wasn't nervous - just ready to get it over.

Slowly the room began to fill up and pretty soon there were nearly 30 people. The introduction was done - and - I was off and talking. I'd worked out a signal with my husband, in that if I was talking too fast he'd do this "slow down" motion, but he never did. And once people actually laughed some at my humor . . . things eased up even more. There were a few questions at the end - which I was actually able
to answer, and then, the back doors opened up for appetizers & wine to be served.

Several very nice people came up and chatted about art and their responses included "The most detailed and technically informative talk they'd had!", "Your talk certainly helped me to look at your art and appreciate it more." as well as, the Resident Art Historian saying he saw "parts of my work that reminded him of Burchfield!" Hey, I'll take ALL of those comments.

But you know, the reason I believe this all went so well was mentioned in my talk. Well, here, I'll quote kinda what I said - there are times "that reveal to me I am a channel to express things I'm not even aware of and I hope those mysterious energies permeate the resulting pieces". Just as I hope "They" permeate my thoughts and actions not just in my paintings but in my life!

For those who ponder what happens when each one of us grabs an opportunity to try a new endeavor, fearful as we may be, I want to attest to the results. I feel stronger, clearer, safer and more free!!! Take the chance - cheers for embracing new adventures!!!

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Peggi Habets said...

Congratulations on your show and talk! It sounds like you did a great job, no easy feat. Your husband seems to be a very supportive person. Maybe you can post snippets of your talk so we can all hear more about your work.