Saturday, May 3, 2008

Travel Day

Today, we head back home. But the "busy-ness"of getting ready for our 3pm flight begins early, as Roland discovers he can't find the plane tickets. Now this isn't a giant problem because they were e-tickets and we just call the airport and tell them of our dilemma. The tickets will be waiting for us at the airport. The condo agreement includes washing and drying the towels and bedding. We spend the day laundering, hanging particles in the warm sun to dry and folding, along with journal catch-up and packing.

Once in the rental car and headed to the airport things transpire smoothly. We pass all the plantain plantations and wave g'bye to the vendors roadside stalls. At the airport we wait, are searched an re-searched, have our water bottles confiscated, and eventually board the plane.

Next stop, LA and Customs. They have forgotten to arrange Customs' buses to take us to Customs, so we sit in the plane for about 20 minutes. But eventually, we get all the formalities done and emerge out into the baggage pickup area. Fascinated by the lil' Beagle who is the trained "Search Dog", we stand and watch how his Master pushes down on each suitcase and the pup sniffs. We have a two hour layover but once seated and waiting in the loading area, we realize that our partners-in-travel have "well" used that time. Bringing back some chopped carrots for munching turned into a contraband search and "strong" questioning (the carrots were found by our lil' Beagle, by the way). I was astonished when I bought a salad, drink and bottle of water and the total came to over $20 dollars. Wow - airport prices!

The last leg home was solemn, yet anxious - we were ending a fun week - but - we were gonna see our lil' Cody pup! Our arrival in Medford, Oregon is met with crisp night air and we find our baggage and head home. We'd called our house/puppy sitter when we were in LA and she knew we were coming - but late (11-ish). As we drove up to the house our hearts were warmed to see the lights still on and lil' Cody come running out to greet us. We were h-o-m-e and very glad.

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