Saturday, July 20, 2013

Colorado Reunion ~ Final Daze

My apologies for being so delinquent with my blog ... I've vowed to post daily 'til I get you guys caught up in my journals. So THERE it is! Let's get started ...

This is my final full day from the Telluride Reunion, September 2012, and it's one rich in memories. I'm up early to attend the Flora-Dora's "Trivia Quiz" from the 70s and I end up actually participating on a team. YIKES - since dates and names are not my forte'!! But we finish in the middle of the groups and I leave smiling. I patter off to change clothes for a final ride up the Gondola with my friends to lunch at the "Peaks" (wow - what a view!). I sketched this fabulous view back down into Telluride from a camera shot.

Once back from lunch my sadness and I trek back to my room to finalize packing up me and my paintings. As a final farewell treat, I've decided to go to the "Steamin' Bean" for a sunset cup of Chai. This image has ended up as one of my very favorite ... so much emotion there in the steam of the Chai and the sunsetting shadows. I love this place but my reality is elsewhere.

My next wake-up is bitter sweet. I'm all packed and my friend comes to drive me and my things over to Hether's, where the "Telluride Transfer" airport shuttle will pick me up. We have some extra time and we all opt for one last saunter along the picturesque river walk. It makes me blue.

Once I'm off in the shuttle, we swipe past numerous houses and even up to the Mountain Village to pick up passengers. The day is sunny - blue sparkling from the sky and the San Miguel River. I'm snapping photos longingly trying to maybe bring some of this county back with me. But soon we are dropping down into Ridgeway and finally Montrose. I'm the last to get off the shuttle.

At the Days Inn,  I'm poised to meet my previous sister-in-law for a catch up and dinner before I fly out in the early morning. The lodging is refreshingly clean and painted in glowing yellow (helping to brighten my mood too) and to my sheer delight . . . I find this darling lil' yellow rubber duckie sitting adjacent to the bath tub. Smiles!!! Soon Aunt Karen, as I still call her, arrives and we wander off into Montrose, chattering like lil' magpies. What a sweet relief from my leaving Telluride ... to spend this time with a precious friend. AHHhhh!

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