Saturday, June 8, 2013

Colorado Reunion ~ Plein Air and The Picinic

I'm up on day six, v-e-e-r-r-r-y excited because ... I see clear blue sky. After my usual mornin' rituals, I pack together my plein air painting materials. These jam packed days seem to present so many options that I find myself having to really settle in my heart, what I really want to do. This was one of those days. My friend had pulled together a visit way up on one of the out-of-town mesas to a ole' friend's home/recording studio. But . . .  today was sunny and gorgeous - - and I haven't had the opportunity to go paint at all. So you know what this artist chose to do, right?

I zipped up to my friend's house, letting her know what I'd decided to do for the early part of the day, and then, hiked up to the side of the mountain to paint. I had the precise spot I'd wanted to paint (here it is) and I got my chair situated, paints all set up and accessed my physicality. Oh HECK! I had to pee. Looking around, I was lucky enough to notice a nearby home that was under construction. I check with the foreman and he directs me to the inside bathroom (thanks Universe)! Ok, now I can get to painting. I decided to eliminate the wagon (since I had about an hour - and architectural things take me awhile). I was in heaven, the sun, the breeze, the sweet mountain air. Once the sun was pounding down on me, I knew it was time to finish up. I'm pretty happy with the image - and I also sketched up the full scene on this journal page.

I bustled back to my room to get tidied up for the grand art show at the "Telluride Gallery of Fine Art". Some of you may know, that showing in this gallery has been a life long dream of mine. When I lived in Telluride (and when I'd moved away), I dreamed, I envisioned, I yearned, I ached to see my work on these walls. So to take part in this show, although it's only for the weekend, I'm so thrilled. When I get to the gallery, it is wall-to-wall people. I squeeze in to greet people and am confounded and exhilarated with the faces. To remember my pieces, their positioning, etc. I have done a faded back sketch on this journal page. And I've captured several key people at the "Artist's Table" at the Sheridan Restaurant later that evening. You know who you are! What a day to live on in my memory ... thanks again Universe.
Oh but the next day, September 29, was another BIG day. After a lovely mornin' hike up Bear Creek I did my shopping for the giant Reunion Picnic in the Town Park. Oh MY - I nearly died at the cost of chips & dip in the local market. I never did find any gold in the bag either - oh well. It was a glowing autumn day, sunny with intermittent cumulus beauties dancing by. The picnic was enormous - over 400 people - and I tried to recognize those I could. I actually felt a bit overwhelmed (never did do big crowds well) and nestled close to my friends. They had us all wiggle together for a group shot and it was humorous trying later, to identify faces. But the special feeling of how we all were (the ole shots from the 70's really showed the hovel-like buildings we lived in, plenty of vacant lots and the dirt streets and the makeshift ski resort), what kind of dreams and community we all had and how those who'd stayed in Telluride, actually got to see it come into fruition. It was pretty amazing!

This scene, the back drop of the picnic, embraces several of the special people at the reunion that continue to touch my heart ... even after all these years. Can you sense the range and depth of emotions hooked to this magical place? I hope you have a place like this some where in your life ... it changes who you are ...

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Anonymous said...

Oh...what a joy to read. Love how you think....and of course, your playful, thoughtful, life- forever planted magically on paper.