Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winter Entertainment and Visuals

As I travel through December in my journal ... I know we dabbled our share in entertainment. The holidays
are rich here in the Rogue Valley with theater not to mention the festive visuals. That's precisely what has tumbled out onto these two journal pages.

On the left, I've remembered two live theater shows we attended. First, was at the new Camelot Theater,Forty-Second Street. Naturally I had to mimic the numerous chorus girls in the show and ... sadly ...too, that "the girls were hot, the music not" in my lil' teeny notation. Oh, well, we all have our off days. The next show was outrageously great ... at the Randall Theater (a wonderful secret in Medford!) ... Scrooge! It's a crazy warehouse building with
imaginative and inventive arrangements to cushion the 
rugged interior. I loved the variety of chairs for the audience and that they had a raffle to auction off the "specialty seats", a cozy love couch, right in the midst of the other chairs! And then, the performance, with limited space, funds and staging, did an amazingly effective job of Scrooge! with brilliant characters, singing and stage props! I was giddy with delight at the performance. GO there if you get the chance! It's a magical space ... and it so brought me into the holiday spirit!

My adjacent page centered around seasonal festivities too. You can also see more clearly, the "HOME" text I'd formed to show thru the paperclay overstuffed chair on the previous page. But back to seasonal ... it was nearly a normal day, my going into the Ashland Art Center to work in my studio (they are working Studios, we must work in them 10 hours minimum each week). My mind must have been doodling around because I missed my regular highway exit and ended up going to the south end of Ashland to get into town. That normally would have been no problem, but with all the huge snow storms at that time, this end of town is the "Chaining Up" area of Highway 5, just before reaching the climb to the Siskiyou Pass.

So bumper to bumper I sputter along, arriving an hour late. I'd missed my appointment with a patron who'd wanted to buy one of my prints for his wife for Christmas, but luckily he returned. I just have time to set up for my Journaling "Clinic" with this month's focus on "Holiday Images". I've chosen this playful riding horse in a Jacksonville window. My wax crayons allow a quick loose sketch, saving my window lights and highlights on the horse. He turns out pretty happily and I add his reins when I get home. He makes me smile ... well, actually these two pages do. It's been one of my better holiday seasons. So ... ho, ho, ho!!

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