Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chocolate Collage?

Well, they really aren't mixed together but, they are dancing around on the same journal pages. And, so these journal pages come into being ...

Some of you have gathered early this year may not be the most comfortable period in my life ... readjusting one's dreams ... so you may understand that sometimes feelings can only be expressed in the tangle of a collage. The start of this come to me when I was putting away to interesting things I tend to collect on my working table. They can be things I find on walks, in garbage or friends bring to my attention. I had that black, shiny technology box and the lil' scrap of lace in my hand, and looking down at them more intently, I said to myself, "this is kinda how
I'm feeling". Something about the contrast of the techi-black box to the soft, intricacy of the lace hit it on the head. And I knew a collage was brewing. Pulling out other trimmings, I found more outer expressions for my inner tangle. The paper doll with her flailing appendages (yes, they do move - on brads), words about "me hiding out" and of course, the comfort of my "Cody" pup. And ... here's the result ... still not certain of the translation, but I feel better for the expression. This lil' pink flower escaped from somewhere to lighten the mood.

Now don't worry, I've not forgotten the chocolate. As Valentines Day rolls around, I've got two agendas. One is a theme for my upcoming Journaling "Clinic" on February 15 and lil' loving treats for my honey. Passing the Harry and David Country Store here in the Rogue Valley, I notice their sign for "2 Truffles for the Price of 1"! And knowing Roland loves dark chocolate, the car pulls in and you know the rest of the story. When Valentine's Day arrives, Ro and I discover we'd both purchased the very same chocolate covered bing cherriesonly I'd brought twice as many (no surprise to those who know me). So now, we had to get rid of some of them for our health's sake. The Journaling "Clinic's" theme became "Chocolate" and I furnished actual truffles to paint from and consume. Here's my lil' demo for "chocolate" and I had to incorporate the truffle label too. Still quite tantalizing as I look at it. I'm probably safe from chocolate flood again, at least 'til the holidays ...

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