Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Newberg Escape

Roland announced he "needed" me for February 15th, 16th and 17th. Ok, I agree and I eventually wiggle it out of him that we are going north to a small town near Portland, Oregon, called Newberg. No, this has nothing to do with "Lobster Newberg" ... but that was originally where my mind went when I heard the name.We left early gratefully leaving behind grey, rainy skies that opened more to blue by the time we reach our destination. Our early arrival allows us to hit our favored "Sweet Tomatoes" Restaurant and squeeze in a movie too. I'd tried to take Roland to see his girlfriend, Julianne Hough, who stars in "Safe Haven" in the Rogue Valley. It was bizarre that the specially released Valentine Day movie was no where to be found where we lived. So we hunted it down and he was very satiated ~ she is awfully cute. And the movie was romantic so we were all happy. Here's my attempt at
the kissing scene with Julianne and her honey.

Next morn we wake to an unplanned day. I'm buzzing through the web for things to do, so of course I check out what's going on at the Portland Museum of Art. Very cool ... I see they offer a tour of their studio artists and Roland is up for it too. We doddle around in the fabulous sculpture gardens til the Museum opens. Thrilled to find a piece, "Desert Harvest", by Allan Houser, an artist we'd just read about in a book by Kent Nerburn, "The Wolf at Twilight" (a book I highly recommend if you love authentic stories of Native American Indian life). When the Museum opened we trotted to the appointed meeting place for the studio tours and they told us it was only for children and that we'd be bored. Grrrrr ... wish they'd have mentioned that in their promotional.
Anyway ... we peruse the remainder of the floors and are enamored with exhibits on the Native American Indians of the Northwest. Most fascinating to me is an exhibit of small (say, 3-5 inches) glass creations of Indian relics. There are over three hundred of them mounted on a vertical wall that reaches two floors. The colorful, delicate pieces are mounted on a black, maybe six inch slender post that holds the piece off the grey wall. Not only are the pieces amazing but I'm quite captured with the intriguing shadows cast by the strong lighting (one is captured as best I could here). I stood
there for a good long time ... a feast for my lil' artistic eyes.

Another favorite we always have to hit in Portland is their "Pearl Bakery" (I've echoed the Pearl Bakery's window graphic in my journal page - so appropriate for the bakery). After leaving the Museum, we landed there for a yummy coffee. We needed to eat light for Roland had picked out a special restaurant for dining that night, "The Painted Lady" Restaurant. It too was in Newberg so after freshening up we arrived with appetite in hand. A charming ole' Victorian home refurbished into a cozy, intimate place. There was some entertainment factor with the five courses, but, for me, I have to say, my Lemon Souffle (which you see here - please, don't drool on the screen) was the high point of the over-extravagant meal. I did adore their double business cards, one for the restaurant and the other for the cottages. They tied the pages together nicely with the contrasting colors and elegant text.

The trip was a special treat ... just the thing that Roland loves to dream up and I get to participate in. Here I am ... counting my blessings!!

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