Monday, August 5, 2013

The Whispers of Spring

As we move into March of 2013, my journal takes note of quiet lil' whispers that suggest Spring is arriving. The first comes with an annual tradition in which Roland, Cody and I indulge. Each March we see the promo on television of the nearby Grange Co-ops announcing the arrival of tiny, fuzzy chicks. YEAH! it's a red flag for Spring!! This journal post records the feathery fluffs poking around in their over sized watering trough in which the Grange Co-op presents them. When you enter the large building you hear the buzz of lil' peeps despite the enormous room. Once we arrive at the trough, I discover there is a bigger variety than in previous years. Some even with tiny tail feathers and they all hop and tweet over their sisters and brothers. It captures your heart and each year I have to be talked out of bringing one home. Cody seems attracted to their movement but we limit his viewing so as not to freak out the wee birds.

Did I ever tell you that my dad used to bring me home little chicks for Easter when I was small? We'd keep him under our parakeet cage on the floor, in a Jim Beam box with a sheltered light bulb for warmth. I was terribly creative with the name, and we called him "Peep-peep". One grew 'til he had lil' feathers and we had to find a ranch/farm that would take him. Another year, I remember my dad coming around the corner of the couch when I had "Peep-peep" out for a living room tour, and dad stepped on him. That might have been the last year I was gifted with lil' chicks. So this annual event I'm sure is a throw back to my childhood ... and a sweet one.

Shortlly after Valentine's Day, my brilliant crocus announces the approach of Spring too. I noticed how very enthusiastic my plant was this year, expanding to over eight inches across! Of course, when my Journaling Clinic came around with the topic of "Spring Florals" I had the perfect subject. Here's the quick demo.

During this same period we were reading (Roland and I read together each morning - a cozy ritual) this book that so impacted me, entitled, "Say You're One of Them". This book presents numerous vignettes of children's lives in Nigeria and Kenya that will open your eyes and break your heart. Many night after we finished this book, I went to sleep wondering what happened to the children brought to life on the pages. My
aim is to add to this illustration of the book, adding more children's feet running off the page. Well, that's my intention ...

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