Friday, July 26, 2013

New Journal ~ Snow with Cozy Chair

I've come to a lil' custom with each new journal. I search out a theme for where I am in my life or a goal at which I'm aiming and I craft a paperclay (see item to stitch into this first page.For this entry I'm focusing on "home" and have used an overstuffed chair stamp to imprint into the paper clay. I paint it warm reds and browns, then stitch in red. As usual, because of the paperclay I need cut additional pages out behind the first page to allow for it's thickness. And on the final page that will show thru the paperclay window, I letter in the word, "HOME". I like it :)

T'was mid-December, the day blossomed clear blue and sunny ... and my lil' family (Roland, Cody - the furry one, and I) decide to take a spin up to Mt. Ashland Ski Area. We may just poke around, take a walk, play in the snow ... but just in case, I pack in the snow shoes. The snow sparkled and we find a remote spot where Cody and romp freely, a bit past the skiing parking lot. We see now that you have to buy at least a $3 parking permit and I already know it will get cut up to go in my journal. There is a wicked wind
that swings around from the south side of the mountain and it dampens our outing. So after a few snowballs, and tumbles in the snow we opt to head over to the ski area for some photos and then, return home. This snow sketch was the demo for my Journaling "Clinic" for the topic "snow" and as one of my students remarked, "the best way to paint snow - is not to!" I loved this image I caught of the rock mound frosted with white snow and framed by blue sky and evergreens.

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