Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still on the Planet

Buzzzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzzz, feel like such a busy lil' bee these days. Most of you know I'm reading for a three month Winter Sabbatical down Mexico way. And ever since I returned from the Lake Alpine Women's Retreat, getting prepared for this trip has been my focus. Don't get me wrong ... the thing that has kept me sane in all this transition - - is my journaling. Creating gets me back to who and what I REALLY am, removes me from all the chatter in my mind and the worrying that it can muster.

So I'll share a few of the entries I've been relishing during these busy times.
First page is an upgrade of one of the exercises from my Women's Journaling Retreat, illustrating that very emotional writing exercise. I'd "seen" the pirate, his ship and the doorway of light just after I'd gotten home and was re-reading my story. I'm really happy with how the darkness I wrote about evolves into the light. Love to hear what your interpretation of the story is before you read the text ...

Next image was from the Eden Vale Workshop ... I'd mentioned the second day which was so grey and monochromatic ... well, this was late in the early evening when the clouds had dissipated leaving brilliant sunshine and rich long, shadows. It was one of those moments that you just know all is well and life is good!

My next journal entry was from a sweet day hiking along one of our favorite trails of the Rogue River. Its an easy meander with lots of drop offs into the shallow river for Cody to go "dunk" in. This time of year offers glorious colors, the bushes go red, the trees drop golden carpets and, one thing we'd never experienced, was the wide spectrum of aromas coupled with all the mushrooms sprinkled everywhere. My sketch is from this wide turn in the river with the cleanest sand beach ... As we hiked further, more near the Takelma Gorge, we ran into a woman with her hands buried under cascading mushrooms that we later learned were "Coral". Roland found even more of the remains from this giant mushroom and we took it home. He ate it (after a well versed mushroom expert identified it, saying, "Its a little old but still edible and delicious!") - and - is still alive :) The smells too, were so diverse, one corner was warm, moist and musty then at the next corner was the sell of dry evergreen needles or a whiff of saffron or turmeric. My lil nose was just sooooooooooooooo entertained. A delightful way to bid adieu to the summer season.

The playful bouquet of flowers just had to be painted ... they were from a friend whom I met in one of my journaling classes. She'd lived and worked in Mexico ... so when I began talking to her about our upcoming trip to Lake Chapala, we became fast friends. Besides the fact that she is one of the most joyous, charming, and fascinating women I've ever met ... (yes, that YOU Cheryl!!!) She and a friend came over to well wish us before we take off for Mexico. This lil cluster of yellow, red, purple and green were "for the Chef" (who is my hubby). Twas a pleasant treat talking about the joys and differences of Mexico and what Roland and I had to look forward to.

As you can see ... I've yet to catch up with all the text ... but I'd missed talking with you all and just HAD to share these lil treats now resting inside my heart and journal. Well, actually I kind of feel they are one in the same. :)

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Susanne said...

Beautiful work! every one... my fave is the sweet little bouquet and it's terribly bold shadow... and the fine lines of purple floating through it... wow Wow and WOW

thanks for the time you take to make this available.