Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Nesting of an RV

We rose early, anxious to move into our final destination. We couldn't seem to locate Connie, our hostess' phone number (it was online, but without internet connection ...) so Roland walked over to the location and spoke with her in person. She thought that by 1pm she could get the 2 other renters to move their vehicles so we could back in.

Around 1:30pm we follow her instructions so that we can back into the RV pad and begin to go all the way around the block. Now, that may sound like a simple set of instructions but, as you can see the width of the streets we need to navigate, it didn't turn out so easy. We are successful going down one block, turning left and down the next street and then turn onto our street. As we continue we get wedged between a concrete electrical pole and a car from South Dakota. Remember that we can't back up, so while Roland begins un-hitching the PT Cruiser, I go ring the bell on adjacent doors. By now we have begun to provide entertainment for the neighborhood and people are poking their heads out of doors, one fellow encouraging Roland to just "keep going". By the time the car was off the hitch and pushed off to the side in a parking position, the owners of the South Dakota car had come out and managed to move their threatened vehicle.

Ok, we're all positioned and get the RV backed into our cozy lil nest. Ro begins hooking up all the various systems and I'm inside getting things out of boxes and into accessable spots. We realize we can't find the instructions for setting up the canopy for our porch and bumble along, both of us dancing with the akward, heavy poles until we make it work (later we found the instructions). I'm lovin' the scene out our dining room window view that is plush with flowers and a mountains too! Our patio opens onto the green lawn where three small casitas are also available for rent. We have a nice semi-privacy screen formed by just enough palms to allow sunshine to flood in.

Roland decides to take Cody for a walk around the neighborhood. In his travels, he runs across a small neighborhood store and decides to buy his first Mexican beer to enjoy on our patio. When he gets back and is all settled into his chair he realizes the Corona he purchase had the advertisement for Super Bowl 14. This would possibly make the beer (are you ready?) thirty years old. Oh well, so much for product dating at the small family stores!! He drank it anyway and seems no worse for the ware. He did go out and get the makings for Margaritas later in the week tho!

Later in the evening we take the full evening walk. Connie has given us directions to a "Super Lake" market that carries nearly anything we could want (and its true, the fellow drives daily to the US and brings back all the lil delights us ex-pats like). We also meet several of our neighbors. We DO have some furry ones. Roland immediately fell in love with the horses that reside in one of the fields near the street. There is just a mom and her sweet baby but, we given them all our carrots and lettuce cores. You might notice how "lean" mom is, as you can see her hip bones sticking out. :( In the other field we have cows and several horses. Sometimes we see the cowboy just trot down the streets ... it's such a wonderfully different world here.

So now that we are all nested in, we are ready for adventures. We've made a pact to not drive anywhere far for at least one full week. But I'm betting my "bullet" husband can't hold to that. All the trauma of where we will be sleeping and how safe is it, is over and I can feel myself calming, settling. I might even get some journal painting done soon! The weather is lovely, cool evenings for sleeping and clear, blue skied 80s for the days.

Another neighbor we have meet seems not to have been to "Rooster School" where they are taught to crow only at sunrise. But we are guests here in this warm, friendly country and I know we'll adapt. I came upon this trip to stretch my "envelope" and I'm so far, feeling I'm learning more about myself already.

I can't wait to see whats next . . . and I love having you all traveling along with me. Lets get going . . .


Irene said...

Oh my, what adventures you are having, Elaine! Traveling really points out and accentuates one's odd habits and foibles, doesn't it? What seems perfectly normal in our home setting can seem odd and out of place anywhere else. Great learning experience, and I find that sometimes when I come home I have new insights, enjoy different things, am ready to leave some old things/habits/feelings/assumptions behind. Stretching the envelope indeed!!!

Michael said...

Fabulous and engaging journal, Elaine. And of course the so well-done photography is an additional treat. I've been to the Nueva Posada many times, but never saw it the way you did, and must go back!
Happy to be your neighbor for a while. Michael

scarvesff said...

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Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my gosh! You've got photos here that will keep you drawing and painting for a year! I'm glad you had a good adventure.