Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks . . .

From where do I start? I guess the beginning of this special day would be appropriate, eh? A week previous, Ro and I'd met California friends here, a "La Nueva Posada" in Ajijic, for lunch, and we noticed the fliers for their Thanksgiving Dinner. They were serving an all traditional menu and we'd made our 2pm reservations that day.

So our morning was relaxed and quiet. I'd gotten an email from a fellow artist, one who is suffering with Stage 4 cancer and still sent out a lovely image of hands offering up food, with an attached note thanking those around her for their support and love. It brought me to tears to see her humility and gratitude in the midst of what she was so graciously dealing with.We decided to write out a list of things for which we are grateful and spend some of our quiet time doing that. Then, around 1:30pm we headed to downtown Ajijic.

This romantic and historical hotel drips with the old Spanish architecture and feeling. The outside echos rock and ivy work while the inside, embraces you with elegant yet strong appointments, sweeping grand areas and nature brought to life. We were lead outside to our table underneath the biggest rubber tree I've ever seen in my life. You can see how tiny I appear under the mammoth tree.

Not only did we prefer the patio, with a view that looks out over the lake, is surrounded by rich tile work and furnishes sculpture embellished with colorful landscape - but this way - Cody could sit with us too. The serving pace was slow, appetizers (veggies w/dip), a roasted red pepper soup, then, the best turkey (I'm not embellishing) I've ever had served from a restaurant!!

And, then we needed a walk down to the lake, and back, before we could consider the pumpkin pie 'n coffee. At the lakes edge, there are plentiful heron and other smaller species that I can't name (Floy, where are you?) and I loved catching the local fisherman out for their usual days work.

On the grounds is a giant bird cage with a pair of beautiful Macaws. We wondered why they had the cage nearly covered with a wrap as well as an umbrella overhead. Seems like these birds would be ok in the winter sun, but, not being a birder, perhaps some of you can enlighten us, please?

Midstream our meal, we can see a couple just a few yards from us talking to Cody. Just as I stand to take him over to meet them, they both stand up to come visit him. Animal-lovers unit any and everwhere! They'd not brought their dog as they weren't certain it was acceptable, but had become enamored with Cody. Come to find out they relocated here around 9 years ago and do mediating work here. She, has taken and supports the arts, avidly. So that when I told her I was an artist she filled my lil postem up with names to watch for and look up. I'm intrigued by these "serendipitious" meetings that seem to be occuring . . . I'm listening to the Universe. I AM remaining open. Anyway, another course interrupted our conversation and back to our respective tables.

Following our feast, a walk was required!! Down the end of the block is the lake so we meander that direction. There is never a lack of art or creative expression in any direction we turn and this stroll isn't lacking. Just look at the private display of gorgeous tile work coupled with the well behaved bamboo.

But the "icing on the cake" for the day, we wandered farther and come upon this gorgeous indigenous woman. Just the position in which she's sitting (probably ALL day) makes my back hurt, but she's contentedly at work. Above her are brilliant colored rugs and blankets draped from the white bellies of the sycamore trees create a painting just as she sits! Of course, she speaks only spanish and we with our meager conversational skills are unable to get across that, "we like this particular wall hanging, could she possibly weave us a longer version by mid-January?"

We solicit a nearby waiter hanging out in front of his restaurant and he comes to translate for us. Oh my, even he has a prolonged dialogue with her. We find out that the wall hanging we like is made by someone else and that the materials man would be in town Sunday. She could find out the cost of the materials and then we could talk further. Whew!! We were exhausted by the end of the meeting and told her we'd come by once again. I just loved standing there watching her dancing big brown eyes explain things and her sweet face move with kind authenticity. She was so down to earth and real, I just wanted to hug her. But, don't worry, I kept my respectful space.

Once home, we each read one another's gratitude lists with some of these items: for making it here safely, for our health, for love and support of our spouse, for the will and courage to make this trip, for inner peace/divinity, for my talents & gifts, for sensitive hearts, for music (including rooster's crows & firecrackers), for different cultures, and for my friends and family. And we have just scratched the surface.

Hope our Thanksgivings helped us all realize the bounty we have to share. Blessing to you all.

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