Friday, November 5, 2010

Off into the Wild Blue . . .

Believe it or not . . . its tomorrow that we leave for Mexico. This journal entry was based first on the beauty or withered beauty of this Zebra Swallowtail but, upon closer investigation . . . its about how I'm feeling, now, during this process of leaving and taking off on an adventure.

The intensity of leaving behind my life that I so love here in Oregon and launching out into territory unknown is finally hitting me. Saying g'byes to friends, planning in participating in my last "Ashland First Friday Artwalk", finalizing our house sitters, packing last minute things into the RV and planning what I'm wearing the day of the leaving . . . is bringing it all into reality. I've never been (but am willing to learn and am changing) great with change and I'm mustering alot of courage here to do this trip.

I've been blessed with some obviously "serendipitous" guides and coaches for this trip. Teaching one of my previous "Personal Journaling Classes" taught at the Art Center, I was graced to have as a participant, Cheryl, now my dear friend. In conversation we discovered she had a long history with Mexico, had lived there for 4 years, even worked there in a bank and has driven her fifth wheel by herself down into Mexico!!! All along preparing she has been kind, generous and encouraging.

A couple weeks before our take-0ff date, she and a friend of hers (also interested in traveling to Mexico) came over for brunch. She's given us que cards in Spanish, maps, books and more. And for the "Chef" (my marvelous hubby) she brought this lil lovely boquet of flowers. We laughed and joked and she continued to answer silly questions and make fun of our concerns. Setting us (well,probably me) more at ease with the endeavor.

Then another "angel" along this path came from right in the Ashland Art Center. One of my favorite peer studio artists, Dale Muir (, has a sister who does very much the same "thing" Roland and I are doing, except on a regular yearly basis! She too has been a great guide. She kept us current on the possibility of traveling with a group, "caravaning" and we just barely missed traveling with her. Sadly, her place on the beach wasn't going to be ready to receive her until December 10th, so she'd be departing later than we needed. But just keeping in touch with her experience and suggestions made us feel like we were not alone.

So, I'm packing my things. Yep, trying to decide what could work weather and climate-wise. Then thinking, will I use it enough to warrent taking it - does it take up too much space, does it weigh too much. The one suggestion I'd gotten to take along Christmas Lights because the Mexican people REALLY get into celebrating Christmas didn't go over well with my "frugal packer" husband. But . . . I did notice theres a box of lights in the trunk of the vehicle we are towing. :)

So, wish me well, its just me and my Divine Spirit taking off. Requesting prayers for safety and harmony and . . . off I go . . . into the wild blue . . .

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