Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Bread!

Intrigued by the headline? Well, it goes back to Inauguration Day (oh yeah, I'm a tad behind) - so close your eyes and pretend . . . I was just completing my morning yoga and hubby turned up the volume on the ceremony going on. Quickly finishing up my final stretches, I hopped to the living room and seated myself on the green couch next to our morning wood fire - cozy.

I proceeded to listen to the music, the swearing in's (is that a word?) and the prayers. Intermittently, I tear up and feel the trickle down my cheek. I couldn't believe how blessed it finally felt. Just lil' moments of hope, or truth - finally from Washington. Not to mention the magnitude of people just wanting to be "there" - they didn't even care if they could see the ceremony.

It was the feeling that was present - it was palpable. And it stirred my insides, like probably some other times in history where us citizens REALLY needed to be moved by our elected officials. I trust it's a ripple effect, that maybe started with the "miracle on the Hudson" days earlier, and will continue in D.C. as well as in citizen's cores. Yep, call me a "dreamer" but, that's how things gather momentum for change.

So, oh my, I'll stop waxing . . . and get to the Obama Bread! That evening we'd been invited up to a friends to share the celebration. We were to bring champagne and our smiles. When we got there, the soup smell filled their home with thick richness, and hugs and eats proceeded. Along with the other delectables was an odd looking bread I was informed was "Obama Bread"!
A nearby bakery, in Ashland, Oregon, I believe named "Mix Bakery" on the square had prepared it. The texture and make-up so replicated, well, at least to me (and I am writing this) our new President! The crust was firm with black seeds and other textural grains (sorry, this is all from memory) while the inside was wholesome, gentle with warmth and flavor - and of course, shaped in an "O"!
While we munched, we watched videos of earlier Obama speeches and finally, the Inauguration. I was surprised I didn't cry then, seems the virtual, actual happening held something for me earlier. And too, I know I was distracted by others comments etc. It was a fun evening, breaking up for each of us to do our evening "things". But it felt final and solid - like I like a day to feel.

So you see, Dorothy, there really is an "Obama Bread" and it was good!!!

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