Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Honor of Being a "Featured Friend"

The post from yesterday bubbled up more thoughts of peer artists who are "students in the world of art". And I could think of no better title than the above . . .

Two of these women which I have to pay tribute to, are Jean Warren and Floy Zittin These friendships evolved over several years, sharing outdoor shows and various clubs. Slowly, respect and common values emerged, bonding us together. Eventually we'd travel together (don't let them tell you the story of when I left food on the Yosemite patio and the resulting wildlife invasion!), paint together, hang shows together and socialize together. Both these women have continued in close friendship, even though two of us are now miles away from the Bay Area.

We dreamed up these fascinating projects to stay connected - one, is individual "sketchbook statements" on a 6x7.5 piece of watercolor paper. Each time we receive the packet (now over 50 in count) we choose to either 1) make a specific statement about where we are at, at that moment OR 2) make a response to the preceeding pieces by the other two artists. It's like Christmas all over again when I receive that packet in the mail. I run to open it in the silence and seclusion of my studio, turning on my full spectrum light for the best viewing. Then, WOW, what inventive, beautiful visions are laid out.

This is what will follow you along your art career as an artist IF you and your friends are willing to put the energy necessary to stay connected. And I can't even tell you the value these two ladies have had in my life, not just as art mentors, but as true friends.

So let me promise you that there are many delights and disappointments in the Art Career but, w-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y above the stuff (product, sales, progress, solitary hours, marketing, etc.) are the relationships you make along the shared route through life. These kinds of thought help me remember what REALLY is important.

Namaste - E

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