Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Honor of being "Featured Artist"

If you're an artist intent upon this creative field as a career, you will come to appreciate your collegues. These "students in the world of art" travel many a common road by our sides, some as invaluable supports, others strengthing from different positions. Where I cultivated Fine Art career in the Bay Area, there is more than a handful of absolutely amazing women artists who have remained nestled close to my heart (and in some cases) and paintbrush.

One of these such women, Chris Beck, an accomplished watercolor artist( And although she has remained in the Bay Area, we have stayed in communication via the email. I check out her web updates and she has followed my new travels here in Oregon.

As in most of our careers, things evolve and Chris recently decided to leave a gallery committment and venture into other realms of her continuing creative career. One of the self-less projects was to start a rotating blog site where Watercolor is the star of this blog -- an attempt to show the range of this vibrant medium through the work of many wonderful painters. It will feature mostly artists working in traditional transparent watercolor. She may issue an occasional "wild card" so she can include artists using other watermedia in a fluid manner but will post a new artist each week.

She has so honored me, by featuring several pieces of my work along with a brief bio listing some accomplishments. So I hope you will pay her tribute by dropping by this site now, to check out my entry, but also later on. Just to relish some pretty proficient creatives.

Many thanks again Chris, for selecting me along your artist path. It is an honor and a blessing to be an artist. I wouldn't trade the way I see the world for anything - well, maybe for spiritual enlightenment. Yes, that's a prayer of sorts . . .


Peggi Habets said...

Hi Elaine,
Very kind of her and very deserving of you! BTW, I saw you have this cool gadget on your blog that links back to other people's blogs. Thanks for including me.

Chris Beck said...

Thanks for such a super post about your feature and the showcase blog. I'm glad I could share your work with so many people.