Sunday, January 25, 2009

Journal Updating Frenzzzzzzzie

Have done a flourish of marketing and "PR" for my upcoming Women's Mexico Retreat (for more info check out: - sorry, I'm still sort of in that mode - but, I have taken a creative dive (no, not negatively) - but, deep back into my sweet world of Journaling.

I'm still filling in small watercolor sketches, business cards and other found memories from my Colorado trip way back in late August. Oh my! But I'm having sooooooooooo much fun and wallering around in thick juicy wet watercolors as well as delicate portraits.

These adjacent pages were from the Labor Day time period, which I spent with delightful friends in Fort Collins. Our major aim one of the days was sampling and drinking in galleries in the area, but much of the time was leisurely just enjoying beautiful weather and comfy companionship. Since I'd last been in Fort Collins they'd integrated a charming Old Town Square that now serves as a central hub for gathering for families and visitors. We laughed alot watching children with ice cream cones and playing in water fountains.
The second page was my farewell day to Colorado. We drove down from Fort Collins into Denver where I got to visit with one of my few living relatives - my favorite Uncle. He's in his late eighties and seems pretty happy as long as he can watch his football! It was a joy to see him getting around but, reminded me of my mortality. The draped little paper flags was a fun solution to "what do I do to preserve the seven tiny love notes my dear husband tucked in my suitcase - one to read for each day?". I strung them on a piece of raffia twine, attaching each with a small bit of ATG double sided tape at the fold, then tied a know on the back of the page after poking the twine thru the paper page. I like the solution because it makes the notes accessible to read, yet keeps their privacy too.
The last page seen here is from a trip my husband and I took to Weaverville, CA. We'd stopped in Redding, CA at Turtle Bay to see the "Bodies Revealed" exhibit, an amazing show of actual interal human body parts illustrating the amazing and intricate reality of our bodies. My sketch was from an evening walk we took thru town enjoying the coolness of the day. It was at the last moment that I added the paper punched stars along the bottom . . . it really references the next page . . . where I did feel like a "star". You'll have to tune in again to see what that entry is. Don't worry, it will be soon - once I get into my journals it's hard to pull me away.
Happy creating - oh - and enjoy the journey there!

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