Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Dream Comin' True!

Ok, you all know how passionate I am about my sketchbook/journaling, right? Well, the biggest reason I teach is to sprinkle around the joy, value and personal rewards available when one chooses to express this way. So when I get this kind of email from a peer artist, with this comment, it makes me jump for joy!

"You've inspired me to start my own journal. I checked out a book from the library on how to keep a sketchbook journal and read a lot of it today. I bought a new small sketchbook 5.5 x 8.5 and experimented with drawing flowers in watercolor pencils ... very fun! It's my first time using watercolor pencils and just a plain ol' pencil is my favorite medium.

Thanks for being an inspiration to me."

The even greater degree of compliment for me, is that Wendy is an accomplished artist and freelance illustrator-graphic artist in her own right. Born and raised on a ranch in Lake County California and acquiring her BA Degree from the Academy of Art University. Her inspiration comes from the psychedelic era of the sixties and art nouveau. She's shown with Lee Conklin, Wes Wilson and Stanley Mouse and has clients like the San Francisco Public Library, AARP Bulletin and several Festival Organizations.

To move an artist like this along to a new endeavor, I'm quite thrilled. Well, it's actually beyond thrilled . . . it's watching my dream come true of stewarding individuals to become more acutely aware of their world, to appreciate who they are and the stories of their lives and just to be more conscious and creative. So, in a more deep way Wendy, I have to say, "My hats off to you for taking on an endeavor that will really uplift humanity by you becoming an even more aware human being!!!"

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